Posted in June 2010

Kingsway and the Frightening Art of Stone Throwing: a Response to Paul Slennett

IF YOU’RE ON Paul Slennett’s emailing list you’ll no doubt have received a copy of his recent comment about the Kingsway polls, but you may be scratching your head and wondering where that comment is. You’ll find it directly on the polls themselves: Is Kingsway’s practice of comparing their own prices to their own RRPs … Continue reading

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SPCK/SSG Two Years On: Reflections and Responses

Today, Saturday 26th June, 2010, marks the second anniversary of the SPCK/SSG blog. You’ll hear no trumpet fanfare, no roll of drums; and you’ll see no flags flying, no balloons, no fireworks to celebrate. But if you listen, carefully, you may well hear the sound of tears falling… yet listen more carefully still and you … Continue reading

Dear Bob

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Fiction > Dear Bob Dear Bob Annie Porthouse ISBN 9781859996331 (1859996337) Scripture Union, 2003 (208pp) £6.99 Category: Fiction Subcategory: Christian Reviewed by: Joy McIlroy When asked to read and review Dear Bob by Annie Porthouse I did a little research in preparation. I was particularly concerned as this title has generally donned prime position in … Continue reading

Being Like Water

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Spirituality > Being Like Water Being Like Water Charlie Fox ISBN 9780956499707 (0956499708), 2009 (137pp) £8.99 Category: Spirituality Reviewed by: Phil Groom Publisher: If you’re anything like me those words will set immediate alarm bells ringing: as a colleague at LST recently observed about another book, “Self-published? Never a good sign.” … Continue reading