Posted in April 2008

An Agenda for Change

An Agenda for Change

It was a privilege to meet Joel Edwards yesterday, retiring General Director of the Evangelical Alliance. Joel was visiting LST as part of his An Agenda for Change Tour and kindly stopped off at the Bookshop to sign copies of his new book of the same title (minus the ‘Tour’, of course). As the first black man … Continue reading

Christian or… what, exactly?

What, exactly, do we mean by the designation ‘Christian’ when we refer to bookshops or publishers? Is it simply that we trade in products that relate to the Christian faith — are we simply a subset of other businesses and commercial enterprises? Or is there — should there be — something more distinctive than that? … Continue reading

Possibly Related Posts

WordPress, the good people who host this site and provide the blogging functionality, have just introduced a new feature called Possibly related posts — read all about it in this possibly related announcement — which automatically generates links to… er, yes, you’ve got the idea: possible related posts. It’s a neat idea — as Matt, WordPress’ head honcho, … Continue reading

Web Exclusives at STL – Part 3

Pete Barnsley explains the ins and outs of STL’s online offers… Hi Phil, Thanks for your observations on the website. I am sorry that you have experienced a few difficulties due to our confusing offer set-up.  We have spent a significant amount of time improving the search engine on the website to ensure it is … Continue reading

Web Exclusives at STL – Part 2

My thanks to Pete Barnsley, chief marketing guru at STL, who has kindly responded at some length to my earlier post about Web Exclusives at STL. In raising the issue I appear to have shot myself in the foot as those offers have now been taken off: sorry folks — if you didn’t seize the … Continue reading

Mission-shaped Questions

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Emerging Church & Postmodern Faith > Mission-shaped Questions Mission-shaped Questions  Defining issues for today’s Church Steven Croft (Editor)  ISBN 9780715141533 (0715141538)  Church House Publishing, 2008  £14.99 Category: Emerging Church & Postmodern Faith  Subcategory: Emerging Church  Reviewed by: Phil Groom When this book landed on my desk I knew immediately that I wanted to read it. More than … Continue reading

Thank you, HarperCollins

Or, to be more precise, my thanks to Sam Richardson (Head of Religious Publishing) and Ruth Roff (Publishing Manager, Bibles, Music & Liturgical) at Collins for their generous hospitality in the splendid surroundings of HC HQ in London yesterday for the AGM of the BA Christian Booksellers Group (that’s the Booksellers Association, by the way, not British … Continue reading

Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Humour > Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation An A-Z of the Christian Life Adrian Plass ISBN 9781850787235 (1850787239) Authentic £7.99 Category: Humour Reviewed by: Phil Groom Some books, no matter how you try, you cannot ignore. This is one of them: Plass at his best, doing what he does best, … Continue reading

Web Exclusives at STL

Update, 25/04/2008: The offers referred to here have now been withdrawn by STL: see Web Exclusives at STL – Part 2 for more info. STL appear to be running a number of web exclusive offers, although they’re keeping them pretty quiet: I stumbled across the offers below more or less by accident as I was reordering … Continue reading