Web Exclusives at STL

Update, 25/04/2008: The offers referred to here have now been withdrawn by STL: see Web Exclusives at STL – Part 2 for more info.

STL appear to be running a number of web exclusive offers, although they’re keeping them pretty quiet: I stumbled across the offers below more or less by accident as I was reordering stock, and only found out that they were web exclusives when I sent in my order by email (why email? If you’ve ever tried compiling an STL order online, you’ll understand…) and was charged the regular price instead of the offer price.

When I queried the invoice Customer Services explained: 

This is a web based offer and does not pick up on e-mailed, faxed or telephone orders… for future reference most offers on the website only work when an order is placed through the site.

So buyer beware: before you send off your orders by other means check online: you might find a better deal — and so far I’ve received my normal trade discount, allowing me to pass the reduced prices on to my customers. Three I’ve found are listed below, linked direct to STL’s catalogue via the ISBNs: if you’ve got an STL account, log in first and you’ll be able to add them to your shopping basket when you click through. Nick Page’s And Now Let’s Move Into A Time Of Nonsense has been selling like hotcakes at LST

  • 9780340523308 NIV Pocket Bible (Flexibind, Red), Hodder Bibles
    Normal Price, £12.99; STL Web Price, £8.99 
  • 9781850785842 And Now Let’s Move Into A Time Of Nonsense, Nick Page
    Normal Price, £7.99; STL Web Price, £1.99
  • 9781842273425 Like Father Like Son, Tom Smail
    Normal Price, £9.99; STL Web Price, £1.99

There must be more: if you find any, please don’t keep them to yourself — let the rest of us know. STL don’t seem to be telling — even my Area Sales Manager didn’t know about these — so it’s up to us to tell one another! And finally, please enter the spirit of this thing: leave some for others — don’t stockpile ridiculous quantities just for your own shop…