Posted in May 2008

SPCK/SSG News Round-up in Christian Marketplace

June’s Christian Marketplace magazine provides a fairly comprehensive round-up of recent news relating to the ongoing SPCK/SSG shenanigans. Industry News starts on page 6 and first up is SSG Shops pulled from auction featuring Simon Kingston, SPCK Publishing’s General Secretary and CEO, expressing surprise that the shops were even being offered for sale. Whatever may … Continue reading

One Touch from the King…

changes everything, apparently. But a touch from the tax office — that can really stir things up. It did for me this week, anyway. Actually, it’s been longer than a week: several weeks, in fact. My problem? Mark Stibbe’s book, One Touch from the King Changes Everything (9781860245978, Authentic, 2007, £7.99), includes a CD. Nothing remarkable about that, … Continue reading

Justice and the Heart of God

Emma Kennedy, author of Christian Aid’s Justice and the Heart of God (9781854248565, Lion Hudson, £5.99), tells us how she became involved with Christian Aid and what inspired her to write the book… Sierra Leone. Red soil, dark green leaves releasing the faint scent of cocoa, sweltering humidity. Cooking oil, just enough for one meal, sold in plastic bags, bumper … Continue reading

The Dawkins Delusion

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Science and Faith > The Dawkins Delusion The Dawkins Delusion  Atheist fundamentalism and the denial of the divine Alister McGrath with Joanna Collicutt McGrath  ISBN 9780281059270 (0281059276)  SPCK, 2007  £7.99 Category: Science and Faith As one of only two books shortlisted for both the CBC Book of the Year Awards and the UK Christian Book Awards, it … Continue reading

Highland Books

Today I’d like to highlight Highland Books. Highland may be only a small publisher — their entire list fits quite comfortably (and sensibly) on a single web page — but they’re a publisher with a passion, a passion to produce ‘pick-me-up’ books: books that will take hold of a reader, that cry out to be … Continue reading

The Search is on…

for the cheesiest Christian book title! Back on Valentine’s Day, BrunetteKoala — one of the respondents to my Christian Bookshops — who needs them? thread — launched a competition to find the daftest Christian book title. So c’mon everybody, let’s have a bit of fun over the bank holiday weekend, get over there and post our suggestions… … Continue reading

Jesus, the Gospels and Cinematic Imagination

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Arts & Media > Jesus, the Gospels, and Cinematic Imagination Jesus, the Gospels, and Cinematic Imagination  A Handbook to Jesus on DVD Jeffrey L Staley and Richard Walsh  ISBN 9780664230319 (0664230318)  Westminster John Knox Press, 2007 (208pp)  £10.99 Category: Arts & Media  Reviewed by: Phil Groom Whether you’re a film buff, a Jesus Scholar or simply … Continue reading

Christian Bookshops — who needs them?

That, I think, is the essence of the question posed by Eddie Arthur in response to my post about Core Stock yesterday: Why should I buy books from you (or another Christian bookshop) when I can get them from Amazon at a significant discount? Eddie admits to playing devil’s advocate in posing the question, but even … Continue reading

Core Stock

“We all know what we like… The skill is to know what your customers like!” If you’re an STL trade account holder you’ll be familiar with that slogan, boldly proclaimed in their trade Bulletin’s  ‘Core Stock’ focus every month as they highlight the “proven sellers” from two or three publishers. These, we’re assured, are products … Continue reading

Will you review my book?

“Will you review my book?” is one of the most frequently asked questions that comes my way, and the short answer is, send me a copy and I’ll consider it. The long answer is that whilst I’m always happy to consider unsolicited review copies of books, the terms under which books are accepted are: A review … Continue reading