Happy eDay!

eDay Newsletter PreviewToday, 1st May 2008, is eDay!

From the e4books newsletter, released today:

Back in 2004, a target date was set for the UK book trade to move to a fully electronic supply chain. That target date, or ‘e-Day’ as it was named, was 1st May 2008. Now, as e-Day finally arrives, the e4books campaign has announced the remarkable results of four years’ hard work.

The last four years have seen spectacular growth in e-trading (the electronic delivery of orders, invoices, returns and similar business messages). Figures made available today show that booksellers, distributors, publishers and wholesalers have all adopted e-trading in an extraordinary shift never before seen in the book industry.

Among the successes of the campaign have been Penguin’s initiative to encourage booksellers to order and secure returns authorisations electronically, and Nielsen’s revolutionary development of a web-based reinvention of Teleordering, which has already signed up more than 10,000 publishers who previously received orders by fax or post. But behind the scenes there has been a huge increase in the use of electronic services such as Batch, PubEasy or BookNet by booksellers, as well as of Nielsen’s PubWeb and Bowkerlink by publishers to supply product information and speed that information to booksellers and consumers. All of the major distributors have also seen substantial increases in volumes of electronic trading, with significant advances in bringing e-commerce to the international trading arena.

Download the full e4books Newsletter (pdf, 198.6kb)