SPCK Booksellers Get-together

Save the SPCKMost readers are no doubt familiar with the shenanigans surrounding the St Stephen the Great acquisition of the SPCK Bookshops, but if you’re not up to speed check out either Dave Walker’s Save the SPCK section or the UKCBD SPCK/SSG News page. Dave is usually the most up to date: he seems to have a better network of informers.

This note is for two reasons:

  1. To provide a reminder that a get-together of  former SPCK booksellers and other interested parties is planned on Wednesday 14th May, 2pm at The Bear Pub on Esher High Street, just a few minutes walk from Sandown Park Racecourse, where the Christian Resources Exhibition will be taking place. Dave says that he plans to be there, as do I. 
  2. To say to any ex-SPCK staff out there who want to go but can’t afford the travel expenses: please do get in touch. There is (limited) funding available in the UKCBD Save the SPCK Booksellers Fund; as I write only one person has requested help.

Please note that the fund is still open to receive donations from anyone who’d like to join in offering assistance…

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