Will you review my book?

“Will you review my book?” is one of the most frequently asked questions that comes my way, and the short answer is, send me a copy and I’ll consider it.

The long answer is that whilst I’m always happy to consider unsolicited review copies of books, the terms under which books are accepted are:

  1. A review cannot be guaranteed.
  2. If a book is considered suitable for review, the timing of a review cannot be guaranteed (due to a considerable backlog of titles pending review the current estimated wait period is up to 6 months).
  3. If you’re a publisher hoping for a review to coincide with publication, please send an advance copy of the book as far ahead of publication as possible. Pre-publication copies will be prioritised for review where possible but again, please note that the timing cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Whilst reviewers are encouraged to review books in a positive manner, a review may or may not be favourable. See the Guidelines for Reviewers for more info.
  5. Review copies are submitted at the sender’s own risk and cannot be returned.

If you’re happy to proceed on this basis, please contact me for the address to which review copies should be sent.

Updated 11 Sept 2010

5 thoughts on “Will you review my book?

  1. If you want a reviewer – I’ll happily look at anything to do with world mission, the global church or Trinitarian theology. You can see my interests (and qualifications I guess on my blog).

  2. Thank you for stopping by The Dark Phantom, Phil. I love your blog and will add it to my blogroll. It’s great to discover good blogs like this one.

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