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The Cheese Biblefor the cheesiest Christian book title!

Back on Valentine’s Day, BrunetteKoala — one of the respondents to my Christian Bookshops — who needs them? thread — launched a competition to find the daftest Christian book title. So c’mon everybody, let’s have a bit of fun over the bank holiday weekend, get over there and post our suggestions…

Purse-uit of HolinessMy vote goes to one that hasn’t even been published yet: forthcoming (September 2008 ) from the otherwise fairly sensible folk at Baker Publishing, The Purse-uit of Holiness: Learning to Imitate the Master Designer. Does Christian publishing get more tacky than this?

From the publisher’s blurb:

Every woman can relate to the endless search for the perfect purse. And Rhonda Rhea knows, they are also on a constant lookout for the perfect spiritual life as well. Now any woman who loves to laugh and who longs to know God in a closer, sweeter way need shop no further than The Purse-uit of Holiness

No doubt the book has some excellent content: it’s supposed to be “an in-depth but always entertaining study of 1 Peter 1:15-16.”

But even so, can’t help thinking, if I was Jesus I’d either rename myself Cheesus and hop on the next flight to Hollywood or simply top myself in despair rather than wait for them to come and crucify me. I ask you, dear people: is this really what Jesus died for? Is this really what the radical, life-changing, turn-the-world-upside-down message of the gospel has degenerated into? I’m all for humour — there’s no denying that Jesus was a bit of a joker himself — but can’t help thinking this sort of thing really takes the biscuit…

Women readers: please do tell: would you buy this book? How do books like this for Christian women make you feel? Affirmed? Insulted? Or something else entirely?

Cheese and biscuits, anyone??

11 thoughts on “The Search is on…

  1. Thanks for the link Phil!

    That is truly cringey. As a woman I can’t say I can relate too much at all.

    Visions of Jesus overturning the shelves in bookshops everywhere!!

  2. Well Phil, all I can say based on the Blurb of that book is that I am obviously a deeply confused person in relation to the nature of my gender as I have never had the purse issue and so am obviously not actually a woman! (I am a backpack and pockets person!).
    Now had she said shoes well that might have been different, or even make of shampoo to choose then maybe I could ahve related, but purse well no sorry.
    ( hmm that’s a thought is there room for a book on the market entitled ‘the great hair of heaven – Jesus!’ subtitled, ‘how to be head & shoulders above the rest!’)

  3. Melanie C, there is a book by the same author called High Heels in High Places: Walking Worthy in Way Cute Shoes. Available from a bookshop near you! 🙂

  4. I was offered a book yesterday for my shop called ‘Making Peace with your Thighs’. Up till now I wasn’t aware I had a problem ….

  5. Confessional – one of my girly thoughts is that in Heaven we will be able to wear heels without the pain, and being able to wake..

    John…is that honestly a book as well!!?

  6. In glory, we’ll be able to fly, so who’s gonna give a hoot about heels? But you’ll be able to wear the wildest heels you’ve ever imagined, I’m sure of that 🙂

  7. It is indeed, Brunettekoala. ‘Making Peace with your Thigh – get off the scales and get on with your life!’ by Dr. Linda Mintle, PhD., ISBN 9781591454267, Integrity Publishing.

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