Posted in May 2008

More than just a business?

A Christian bookshop is so much more than just another business, isn’t it? At least, that’s how it seems to me: I think of Christian bookshops as potential chill-out zones where people should be able to meet away from church; mission outposts on the high street (or in the back street, as the case may … Continue reading

Authentic Thinking

Over the coming weeks and months, if the plan comes together, you’ll see an increasing number of Guest Posts from other people involved in one way or another in the Christian book trade. The aim of this blog is to provide a place for Christian booksellers, authors, publishers, suppliers and their customers — in short, anyone … Continue reading

Free Food, Free Drinks, Free Books…

and I guess I ought to mention free admission, courtesy of Speaking Volumes, sponsors and organisers of the UK Christian Book Awards. I’m referring to my day at CRE, the Christian Resources Exhibition: catching up with people, collecting catalogues, meeting publishers and authors… all in all, a day of serious networking and a lot of fun along the … Continue reading

Books for Christian Aid

Having just referred to Emma Kennedy’s new book Justice and the Heart of God in my ‘Makeover, anyone?’ post, I was delighted to receive an email out of the blue from Kate Tuckett, Christian Aid’s Co-publishing Manager. Kate wants to visit LST and show me the rest of Christian Aid’s list, and I’m looking forward … Continue reading

Fishing Poles

The other day I was wandering along the Thames Path with a friend — who happens to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators — and we came across a sign I couldn’t read. “It’s ‘No Fishing’ in Polish,” my friend explained, “We have a fair-sized immigrant community around here.” How ironic, I thought, that the fishing … Continue reading

Makeover, anyone?

Specifically, it’s the latest makeover of Engage I’m looking at — and I have to say, I think it’s looking good. Engage, if you’re not familiar with it, is published quarterly by STL and rolled out to over 100 UK Christian retailers as well as to a couple of dozen elsewhere in the world, including Australia, … Continue reading

This Blog Has Moved!

The UKCBD Blog is now hosted with WordPress at – there’s a feed on the right. You can still leave comments here if you wish… Enjoy! —Phil Groom,Reviews Editor & Webmaster, UKCBDBlog: Finding your nearest Christian bookshop has never been easier! The UK Christian Bookshops Directory includes alphabetical listings by shop name and town … Continue reading

The Evangelical Universalist

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Doctrine and Theology > The Evangelical Universalist The Evangelical Universalist  The biblical hope that God’s love will save us all Gregory MacDonald ISBN 9780281059881 (0281059888) SPCK, 2008 (201pp) £12.99 Category: Doctrine and Theology Author interviewed by: Phil Groom Not surprisingly, this book has attracted a certain amount of controversy as evangelicals who thought they knew what … Continue reading

A Problem I’d Love to Have

Last week’s Bookseller reports on an innovative marketing ploy from Little, Brown: anonymous proofs sent out to booksellers with the challenge to guess the author (‘LB plays guess the mystery author’ Issue No. 5330, 2 May 2008, p.13). Commenting on the ploy, Nicola Hill, the company’s Marketing Director, said, It’s a different way of getting … Continue reading

SPCK Booksellers Get-together

Most readers are no doubt familiar with the shenanigans surrounding the St Stephen the Great acquisition of the SPCK Bookshops, but if you’re not up to speed check out either Dave Walker’s Save the SPCK section or the UKCBD SPCK/SSG News page. Dave is usually the most up to date: he seems to have a better network … Continue reading