Distracted by Dawkins

My apologies to anyone who may have logged on since the start of June and wondered why we were still in May: have to confess I’ve allowed myself to get a tad distracted by the debate running around The Dawkins Delusion. It’s proving rather fascinating as Isaac Gouy — whose emailed response (my thanks for that, Isaac, and for coming back) inspired me to upload the review to the blog — seems to think the McGraths are being less than straightforward, perhaps even disingenuous, in their treatment of Dawkins. If you would care to join the discussion — from whichever side of the fence — you’d be most welcome.

Or you can join it here instead: here’s Clem Jackson’s brief review of another riposte to Dawkins:

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The Dawkins LettersThe Dawkins Letters:
Challenging Atheist Myths

David Robertson 
ISBN 9781845502614 (1845502612) 
Christian Focus, 2007 

Category: Science and Faith 
Reviewed by: Clem Jackson

This book is a more than useful contribution to the ‘Dawkins Debate’ and one which has helped me to understand more about the flawed arguments contained within The God Delusion.

The book comprises a series of ten letters to Dawkins, the first of which was published on Dawkins’ own website, which counter the arguments in Dawkins’ book chapter by chapter. Robertson is clearly well-read and marshals his arguments in a balanced and intellectually sound way. But this is not an inaccessible academic treatise; he writes clearly and understandably in such a way that most people will be able to grasp the arguments easily. He avoids the temptation to ‘rubbish’ Dawkins, just dismantles and challenges his arguments frankly and cohesively.

The final letter (to the reader) “Why Believe”, contains a very useful and extensive reading list which most will never get to read in entirety but is helpful to have.

Clem Jackson, May 2007

Clem Jackson is the Editor of Christian Marketplace magazine.

From a review previously published in Christian Marketplace Magazine,
reused here by kind permission.
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