September Meeting for ex-SPCK Booksellers

SPCK Booksellers Fund
Simply a reminder that the Save the SPCK Booksellers fund I set up last year is still open. Any ex-SPCKers in need of help, please do get in touch; anyone else, please feel welcome to contribute.

And don’t forget the existence of BTBS: The Book Trade Charity: they’re there to help. 

— Phil Groom 

Phelim McIntyre writes:

In September there will be a meeting between publishers reps and ex-SPCK staff. This is to see how, if possible, we can stop the years of knowledge from SPCK bookshops being wasted. So this meeting is not just talk, if you are able to come please think about how people can be used. Using myself as an example:

I am 36 and worked for SPCK Bookshops for 2½ years. Before that I worked for W H Smiths, ran bookstalls at conference and for a small independent Christian Bookshop. I have done the Chapter House Proof Reading and Copy Editing course and have had short stories published. Due to my age I am unable to take retirement. How can my skills be used and not wasted?

This is a serious question – the ex-staff fall into 2 categories. Those who have taken retirement and those who have had to find other jobs. Not everyone has found full time employment. It is these people who need the help. Please think about this and either come to the meeting or let me know your suggestions.

Thank you.

Phelim McIntyre (ex-assistant manager, Chichester SPCK) 

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  1. In preperation of this meeting it would be helpful if you are an exSPCK bookshop employee or are in contact with them to know what you/they are doing. Have you found a job? If so is it full time or part time? Is it in the book trade or elsewhere? Have you taken early retirement or are you unemployed? Also, what would you like to do to use your knowledge? Either post here or email me at

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