Dancing with D-words

The Da Vinci CodeThe Da Vinci Code and the Secrets of the Temple
The Dawkins LettersThe Dawkins Delusion

Da Vinci & Dawkins: two D-words that seem to have dazzled the western world and its media over the past three or four years; and we’ve seen a massive spin-off in Christian publishing as writers have rushed in to respond, some at length and in depth, others barely skimming the surface. And blogs galore, of course.

We live, it seems, not in anno domini, ‘The Year of Our Lord’, but in an era of absolute drivel on the one hand and attempted deicide on the other, in an era where blogs can answer every question and none, where everyone knows and nobody goes…

… and where truth is defined not by what we know but by what we believe: truth is whatever we feel passionately enough about to kill for or to die for.

Which brings us to the definitive D-word: Death.

The word none of us wants to face, which comedians try to shrug off with clever quips:

I don’t mind dying. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

— Woody Allen

But it’s a word — more than a word — from which there is no escape. The great leveller of the good, the bad and the ugly, of Da Vinci, Dan Brown and Richard Dawkins, of you and me.

And yes, of God.

Dawkins’ attempted deicide simply pales into insignificance against the reality of Christ crucified: the human race screams for bloody vengeance and God in Christ accepts it, takes it not like a man but as a man. God is indeed dead.

And afterwards — after that final destruction, after the fire of hell has been once and for all extinguished — comes a still, small voice… a quiet whisper of hope… only to be drowned out by people still screaming, cursing, dying…

Still denying.

Still deceiving.

But some, still daring to dream.

What’s your dream?