Success Comes at a Price

Award Winning Web HostingBut in this case, it was a price I was very happy to pay. In today’s email I received the following notice from SupaNames, hosts to the UK Christian Bookshops Directory:

From:   SupaNames Support
Subject: SupaNames:
Date: 24 June 2008 10:32:09 BDT

Dear Customer,


As you are aware usage of the SupaNames service is governed by a series of terms and conditions designed to allow our servers to operate at the best possible performance and speed for all users.  SupaNames work to ensure our service runs as smoothly as possible at all times, including ensuring that our users are on the correct package type for their level of usage.

Our engineers have identified that your website is currently using more than 15% of the server resources allocated to the shared server on which it is hosted.   As a result of this the performance of the server in question has suffered, with a lack of resources being available to other websites located on the server.   This is causing slow access to websites, and poor server performance.

We therefore formally request that you either 1) Upgrade to a more suitable package in this case Mid Host level, or 2) Choose a new web host who is happy to meet your intensive requirements.  We will be happy to help you find a solution to this issue, and require that you confirm your choice within 48 hours of this email, so that we are not forced to take further action to safeguard performance of the server.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter,


I reviewed SupaNames for Christian Marketplace magazine in June last year, having used their services for several years both for UKCBD and several other church and community sites for which I am responsible. After a brief overview of the services they offer I said:

Whichever package you choose, it’s easy to upgrade if your web enterprise proves more successful than you first expected. Web hosting doesn’t need to break the bank: whether you already have your own website or are simply at the planning stage, Supanames, in my view, deserve serious consideration for your hosting requirements.

I stand by that assessment and have now upgraded as requested. My thanks to everyone whose support and use of the site has made this upgrade necessary; and my apologies to any other SupaNames customers whose sites may have suffered as a result of UKCBD’s success.

Is your shop listed? Is your entry up to date?
If you’re a Christian retailer, please check your entry: UKCBD remains consistently in Google’s top search results for the phrases ‘Christian Bookshop’ and ‘Christian Bookshops’. As increasing numbers of people discover and make use of the site, it becomes increasingly likely that this is how prospective customers will find your shop — and consequently ever more important to ensure your shop’s details are accurate.

And if you have yet to decide your own hosting arrangements, I have no hesitation in recommending SupaNames as a reliable, friendly and helpful place to establish your online home.

Award Winning Web Hosting


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Any web hosting purchases made through the SupaNames links in this post will generate a commission for UKCBD, helping to ensure the project’s continuing success: thank you.