Dedicated SPCK/SSG Blog

SPCK/SSG BlogA dedicated SPCK/SSG Blog (as previously mentioned here) is now live at, set up by exporting all related posts and comments from this blog. Future news and info will be posted there rather than here, with pointers here as appropriate.

The invitation for volunteers to get involved remains open: all you need to do is sign up for a WordPress ID then leave a comment using your sign up email address (this will not be made public) so that you can be set up as an author/contributor. Your WordPress ID doesn’t have to be your real name: pseudonyms are quite acceptable, but I will need to verify your real identity before allowing you to contribute actual posts.

Any SSG/ENC moles who may be reading: I’ll be checking identities quite carefully, so don’t even think about it. Thank you.

Comments are open to all (except spammers, of course, who will be ruthlessly intercepted by Akismet, the WordPress antispam system).

Update 27/6/2008: Originally I said ‘let me know your WordPress ID’. What I actually need is your WordPress sign up email address: just use it as normal when leaving a comment. Apologies for any confusion/misunderstanding!



7 thoughts on “Dedicated SPCK/SSG Blog

  1. Hello,

    I would like to contribute to the SSG blog potentially, my wordpress id is [removed for security – Phil]


    Perhaps you could drop me a line confirming this


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