Independent Booksellers Week

Love your local bookshop!Independent Booksellers Week, the Booksellers Association’s campaign to celebrate independent bookselling, begins tomorrow, Tuesday 1st July 2008, with hundreds of bookshops around the country gearing up for a week of special events including author signing sessions, quiz evening, readings and more.

Shops taking part have been supplied with posters, bookmarks and balloons to help give the week a party atmosphere. 

Independent Booksellers Week 2008If you’re taking part, please take this opportunity to post details of what’s on at your bookshop; and if you’re a customer please take this opportunity to provide feedback — either here or, even better, in person at your local independent bookshop!

Congratulations to…
Two shops that deserve particular congratulations — although they may not be explicitly taking part in this week’s events — are:

  • Minehead’s Under The Rainbow, who now have their own attractive and independent web page online at
  • Leicester’s Christian Resources, who have been in touch to confirm that they are indeed a truly independent bookshop: they are not, repeat not, an SSG franchise!

Leicester’s independence is truly music to my ears: my thanks to Revd Peter Hebden for this clarification.