Posted in June 2008

SSG Uncertainty Continues (2)

Update, Friday 13th June 2008 New reports posted by the Bookseller and the Church Times today: St Stephen the Great files for bankruptcy | Ex-SPCK shops ‘bankruptcy’ Below, my updated notice now posted alongside all SSG entries in the UK Christian Bookshops Directory. Previous version here: SSG Uncertainty Continues (1) Any new info, please do let me and/or Dave know. … Continue reading

SSG Uncertainty Continues (1)

Below, the notice that I’ve been running alongside the SSG entries in the UK Christian Bookshops Directory since early April: figured I ought to preserve it for posterity. Will be updating it this evening with something that more accurately reflects the current chaos. Suggestions, anyone? Other than just “Aaaargh!” please, even if that does more … Continue reading

SCM-Canterbury Press

Norwich Books and Music St Mary’s Works St Mary’s Plain Norwich NR3 3BHPhone: 01603 612914 Fax: 01603 624483 Trade account numbers and all ordering arrangements remain unchanged, even at PubEasy where you’ll still find them under the old name… If you’re in any way involved with the Christian book trade you’re probably aware by … Continue reading

September Meeting for ex-SPCK Booksellers

SPCK Booksellers Fund Simply a reminder that the Save the SPCK Booksellers fund I set up last year is still open. Any ex-SPCKers in need of help, please do get in touch; anyone else, please feel welcome to contribute. And don’t forget the existence of BTBS: The Book Trade Charity: they’re there to help.  — Phil Groom  Phelim … Continue reading

Questions Raised over SSG ‘Bankruptcy’

Respondents to both this site and Dave Walker’s recent related posts (Dave’s Backup Site | Dave’s Main Site) are asking searching questions about the legitimacy of SSG’s apparent filing for bankruptcy. Citing USA website, ‘canon law’ and ‘mm’ — who may well be the same person using different aliases — have expressed concern over the possibility of … Continue reading

Whose blog is this, anyway?

I was asked this question — albeit somewhat tangentially — at a recent meeting. Is it Phil Groom’s blog or is it a trade blog? To clarify, then: technically speaking, in terms of legal ownership, it’s my blog. I own the domain (along with several other related domains). In practical terms, however, it’s an open forum: … Continue reading

Ringing the Changes at IVP

I was saddened to receive a letter today from IVP announcing the departure of Martin Harrison from their sales force: he’s a great guy who was always full of enthusiasm for his books but never aggressive, never a hard-sell, and always helpful. Missing you already, Martin: wish you every blessing and hope things go well for … Continue reading

New Name for SSG?

SSG: Silly Stupid Games, perhaps? Apart from when you’re playing with people’s livelihoods and jobs, because then it’s not a game, is it? It strikes me as particularly ironic that having started the day by promoting Mark Greene’s Christian Life & Work DVD this morning in my post about Small Group Resources, I now end it with a report on the latest … Continue reading

Small Group Resources

Where do you turn and what do you recommend when someone asks for help choosing resources for their small group? There’s a plethora of material out there, and so much of it seems to be much of a muchness: read a Bible passage, read some introductory notes to set the context, ask and answer half-a-dozen … Continue reading

Distracted by Dawkins

My apologies to anyone who may have logged on since the start of June and wondered why we were still in May: have to confess I’ve allowed myself to get a tad distracted by the debate running around The Dawkins Delusion. It’s proving rather fascinating as Isaac Gouy — whose emailed response (my thanks for that, Isaac, and … Continue reading