Love Your Local Bookshop!

Bespoke Cotton BagIndependent Booksellers Week may be officially over (in case you missed it, it ran from July 1st to July 8th) but the BA have provided an easy way for us to keep the Love Your Local Bookshop message alive and kicking in the shape of these bespoke environmentally-friendly carrier bags.

The bags are made of 100% unbleached cotton and feature the campaign logo in two colours on one side as shown and can be overprinted on the other side with your own design — such as a shop logo and contact details — in one colour (two if you’re prepared to pay extra) on the other side.

Prices are quite reasonable even for low volume: starting at around £2 per bag at 100 for £180 + VAT but coming down to a touch over £1 each at 1,000 for £860 + VAT. Prices for other quantities are on the order form which can be downloaded (MS Word format) from the campaign website: a great opportunity to promote your shop and demonstrate your green credentials at the same time. Given the weather so far this month it’s just a shame they’re not waterproof…

One thought on “Love Your Local Bookshop!

  1. St Andrew’s bookshop in St Albans took part in Independent Booksellers Week by launching a leaflet to church members called TAKE IT AND LEAVE IT.
    The idea, pinched from elsewhere, is for people to buy a Christian book to read on holiday and leave it at the place where they stay for someone else to read. Brilliant and simple, eh?! We reccommend something of a general nature, a biography or christian fiction, maybe ‘Taming the Tiger’ or ‘The Shack’.
    We sent short articles about the scheme to local churches to put in their newsletter or magazine.
    The BA are looking in to the possibility of angling part of IBW next year to Christian booksellers. Please let Meryl Halls at the BA or myself know what you think.

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