Grove Books

Grove Books

Grove Books

Do you stock Grove Books? I’ve reviewed a few in my time — always stimulating and thought provoking, they provide excellent snapshot introductions to the various topics they address, making them ideal for customers seeking a way in to a particular subject. And at only £2.95, they won’t break the bank.

Perennial sellers at LST include such gems as Mike Thompson’s The New Perspective on Paul, Ian Paul’s How to Read the Book of Revelation and Ernest Lucas’ Decoding Daniel: Reclaiming the Visions of Daniel 7-11, whilst more recently there’s been a steady interest in N T Wright’s New Heavens, New Earth: The Biblical Picture of Christian Hope.

Grove Books: definitely worth taking a look: definitely worth stocking.

July’s New Titles Mailshot

(As I write this, the Grove website is proving somewhat tardy: you may need to be patient with some of the links…).

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  1. Hemel Hempstead Bookshop is closing down! The Mustard Seed is closing down because we cannot get enough business! I have been working two years as a volunteer there and specilise in the cd section and the bible section but it is so sad that it is closing down, how many other bookshops are closing down?Dom

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