Take it and leave it

Guy Marshall writes:

St Andrew’s bookshop in St Albans took part in Independent Booksellers Week by launching a leaflet to church members called TAKE IT AND LEAVE IT.

The idea, pinched from elsewhere, is for people to buy a Christian book to read on holiday and leave it at the place where they stay for someone else to read. Brilliant and simple, eh?! We reccommend something of a general nature, a biography or christian fiction, maybe ‘Taming the Tiger’ or ‘The Shack’.

We sent short articles about the scheme to local churches to put in their newsletter or magazine.

The BA are looking in to the possibility of angling part of IBW next year to Christian booksellers. Please let Meryl Halls at the BA or myself know what you think.

(Originally posted as a response to Love Your Local Bookshop!)