Durham Cathedral Bookshop

Durham Cathedral Bookshop as pictured on the Cathedral website

Durham Cathedral Bookshop as pictured on the Cathedral website

Have you ever visited Durham? If so, you have probably visited the Cathedral; you may even have visited Durham Cathedral Bookshop, once described as “the best theological bookshop in the world.”

I’m not entirely sure that I’d ever want to concede that point — I happen to think the bookshop I run at LST is a good contender for the title — but one thing is sure: Durham Cathedral Bookshop today is but a shadow of its former self, one casualty amongst many of the takeover of the SPCK Bookshops by St Stephen the Great. Whatever its former greatness, it is no longer so.

I’d like to see the Cathedral authorities take control of their Bookshop, to disassociate themselves from the Brewers/St Stephen the Great and to ensure that the shop staff are treated with the respect they deserve both as professional booksellers and as workers on the Cathedral premises. I have therefore launched a formal petition to the Dean and Chapter of Durham Cathedral asking them to take decisive action over this matter.

I announced the petition’s launch yesterday on the SSG/SPCK blog:
Rescuing Britain’s Christian Heritage: Durham Cathedral Bookshop

Please read that announcement and if you share my concerns, please read then sign the petition.

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  2. Hi Harry – not sure who you’re addressing this enquiry to: if it’s an enquiry for the Durham Cathedral Shop you’ll need to contact them directly, but please make sure you read the post Rescuing Britain’s Christian Heritage: Durham Cathedral Bookshop first to make sure you’re aware of the type of business you’ll be supporting if you do decide to buy from there.

    My advice would be to enquire elsewhere – check the UK Christian Bookshops Directory Town & City Index to find your nearest Christian bookshop. You’ll need to provide more info about the book as well – at least either the publisher or the author – to enable them to track it down for you.

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