New Blog for Faith Mission Bookshops

Faith Mission Bookshops have launched a new blog, aptly named fm blog, with Ally Simpson — aka SuperSimbo — at the helm. You’ll find it at either or but the important thing is that you do find it. Here’s how it’s looking tonight:

The New Online Home for Faith Mission Bookshops

FM Blog: The New Online Home for Faith Mission Bookshops

With Ally holding forth in his usual no-holds-barred style, it promises to be more lively than your average Christian Bookshop blog. If there is such a thing: are there enough Christian Bookshop blogs up and running yet to give us an average? Be that as it may, I for one am looking forward to seeing what Ally brings us.

Question for you, Ally: have you contacted Wycliffe yet for a box of the bookmarks I keep banging on about? If not, please do: let’s get that message out there — we don’t need more English Bibles when there are still so many other languages without the Bible! They’re being sent out from the Wycliffe Northern Ireland office, by the way…

More details on the Wycliffe Blog: Bible-less Bible Bookmarks: Now available

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