Posted in August 2008

Shop Registration/Update Form

WELCOME to the UK Christian Bookshops Directory Shop Registration/Update page. Before proceeding, please see the Criteria for including a Shop or Business in the Directory. If you believe that your business meets those criteria (or if you wish to request an update to an existing entry), please complete as much as appropriate of the form below then … Continue reading

Hard Drive Failure

On Friday 8th August 2008 the UKCBD main hard drive failed. Although I have been able to restore most data from back ups and data-mining the damaged drive, most emails from the period 14th July – 8th August 2008 have unfortunately been lost. If you have sent any messages to email addresses during this period … Continue reading

The Dave Walker Reposts

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Arts & Media > The Dave Walker Reposts The Dave Walker Reposts  May 2006 – July 2008 Dave Walker and Matt Wardman (Ed)  ISBN: (N/A)  The Wardman Wire, 2008 (130pp)  Free Download Category: Arts & Media  Reviewed by: Phil Groom Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, even for highly placed business men and lawyers. Taken … Continue reading

An Apology

For those who may be wondering why this blog hasn’t been updated for a couple of days, my apologies: have been a tad distracted by a ‘Cease and Desist’ message sent to me by Mark Brewer. It’s encouraging to be in the same boat as Dave Walker. You can follow the story on the SPCK/SSG … Continue reading