Posted in September 2008

Friends and Heroes

I invited Dave Carlos, Marketing Director at Friends and Heroes, to tell us something about the company’s vision… “Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18 I find this a fascinating verse and one which I see as at the heart of the inspiration for Friends and Heroes! The Friends and Heroes team were in the … Continue reading

A Permanent Becoming: Review

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Christian Life & Discipleship > A Permanent Becoming A Permanent Becoming  A Contemporary Look at the Fruit of the Spirit Alan Mann  ISBN 9781850787839 (1850787832)  Authentic, 2008  £8.99 Category: Christian Life & Discipleship  Reviewed by: Phil Groom Alan Mann, what are you doing to me? When I invited Alan to tell me about his new book, … Continue reading

Beyond The God Delusion

Update: Unfortunately it turns out that this is a clergy only special event, as per this comment from Elizabeth Foy. My apologies for any inconvenience or misunderstanding… It seems a long time since I posted my review of Alister McGrath’s The Dawkins Delusion but the issues raised by Dawkins still seem to be something of a hot potato. … Continue reading

Prepared for Spiritual Battle

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Devotional > Prepared for Spiritual Battle Prepared for Spiritual Battle  Inspiring Women Series Anne Le Tissier  ISBN 9781853454714 (1853454710)  CWR, 2008 (112pp)  £6.99 Category: Devotional  Subcategory: Women’s Studies  Reviewed by: Chloe Lynch This short book (112 pages) has a light readable feel to it. Written especially for women, it is an exploration of the practical application of … Continue reading

Shack Attack 2 – and the web is where it’s at!

All of us bloggers already know that the web is where it’s at, of course: that’s why we’re here; but I confess that I found it rather satisfying to see that view independently confirmed in today’s Bookseller: A recent study of 5,000 internet users by PR company Fleishman-Hillard suggests the internet has eight times the … Continue reading

Living Hope

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Devotional > Living Hope Living Hope  Pocket Devotions from Every Day With Jesus Selwyn Hughes  ISBN 9781853454646 (1853454648)  CWR, 2008 (376pp)  £7.99 Category: Devotional  Reviewed by: Chloe Lynch This devotional divides the calendar year into six equal tranches, each of which deals with a different topic. These subjects are each explored in depth over a two month … Continue reading

Supersimbo’s Chris Tomlin CD Giveaway!

CHRIS TOMLIN CD GIVEAWAY……… Ok folks, hold onto your hats cuz i have a FREE CD for one of you As many of you will know, the  Chris Tomlin cd has just came out and i have a copy to give to someone Who wants it? Well, heres the deal. I will post a review of … Continue reading


First, my thanks to everyone who has expressed concern over or offered support — whether publicly or privately — about the ongoing shenanigans with the former SPCK Bookshops. If you’re new to the situation, please read SPCK/SSG: My Story, a brief account of my own involvement. In general I’ve tried to keep reporting on this situation … Continue reading

Shack Attack – and books on the way out?

UKCBD Blog Keep up to date with a free RSS or Email subscription:                 RSS Email As I write I have four magazines spread out before me: September’s Christian Marketplace; October’s Christianity; the Bookseller, 12 September 2008; and The future of books, a special issue Sunday supplement from The Independent, 14 September 2008, which asks, “Can … Continue reading

Sarum Books

UKCBD Blog Keep up to date with a free RSS or Email subscription: RSS Email   Christian Marketplace Mark Clifford, whose redundancy from Sarum College Bookshop was reported here last month, has spoken to Christian Marketplace about his plans for a return to bookselling in Salisbury: Clifford told Christian Marketplace that he had secured premises in … Continue reading