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Christian Marketplace
Christian Marketplace, September 2008

Mark Clifford, whose redundancy from Sarum College Bookshop was reported here last month, has spoken to Christian Marketplace about his plans for a return to bookselling in Salisbury:

Clifford told Christian Marketplace that he had secured premises in Catherine Street in the city and was hopeful of being able to open by the middle of October. “I am currently finalising all the legal details with the lease etc. and hope to have everything completed in the next couple of weeks.”  

The new shop is to be called Sarum Books and Clifford’s aim is to serve the whole community of Salisbury and maintain the supply of a wide range of Christian books across the theological spectrum.

One thought on “Sarum Books

  1. I’m very glad to hear that. It’s been one of the best theological bookshops in the country, in my opinion, so I’m glad we won’t be losing it for the sake of college cutbacks. All strength to Mark – Antony

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