First, my thanks to everyone who has expressed concern over or offered support — whether publicly or privately — about the ongoing shenanigans with the former SPCK Bookshops. If you’re new to the situation, please read SPCK/SSG: My Story, a brief account of my own involvement.

In general I’ve tried to keep reporting on this situation separate, in the dedicated SPCK/SSG Blog, but we are now at a point where some things may be about to be resolved and wider media attention to the story seems likely.

To summarise: 

At the end of August J Mark Brewer (the Texas attorney who threatened me, Dave Walker and several others with libel action if we refused to stop reporting on this situation) had his case thrown out of the US Bankruptcy Courts with prejudice and as having been submitted in bad faith. This month, Randy Williams, the Trustee to the US Bankruptcy Courts, filed a motion for sanctions against Mr Brewer and his law company, Brewer and Pritchard, P.C.

Brewer has responded with an acknowledgment of some fault but has by no means pleaded guilty to all charges: his full response may be downloaded as a pdf from the SPCK/SSG Downloads page, and Matt Wardman and David Keen have offered some helpful analysis of Brewer’s response.

Meanwhile, back here in the UK, Employment Tribunal hearings for at least 30 former bookshop workers are scheduled to take place tomorrow, Thursday 18th September, in Bury St Edmunds. Please keep those concerned in your prayers.

To conclude, for now:

Mark and Philip Brewer’s behaviour and their frankly abominable treatment of their staff, present and former, as well as their reprehensible attitude towards their customers and suppliers, impacts on the entire Christian book trade and risks bringing all of us into disrepute. On the  SPCK/SSG Blog we have therefore issued a call for anyone with potential evidence that may help with any future legal actions against the Brewers here in the UK to step forward with that evidence: Collecting the Evidence. Links to relevant material may be posted publicly via the comments or may be submitted privately, direct to me.

Thank you.