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Living HopeLiving Hope 
Pocket Devotions from Every Day With Jesus

Selwyn Hughes 
ISBN 9781853454646 (1853454648) 
CWR, 2008 (376pp) 

Category: Devotional 
Reviewed by: Chloe Lynch

This devotional divides the calendar year into six equal tranches, each of which deals with a different topic. These subjects are each explored in depth over a two month period and range from ‘The Power of a New Perspective’ to the ever-useful topic, ‘Building a More Effective Prayer Life’

Life’s Hidden Agendas 
Things Most Surely Believed 
Building a More Effective Prayer Life 
The Power of a New Perspective 
Being Alert to Spiritual Danger 
Riding the Winds of Adversity    

About the Author 
Selwyn Hughes was the founder and life-president of CWR and the author of Every Day with Jesus from which this book and its sister volume, Words of Peace, have been compiled.

Each devotional entry designates a portion of Scripture for reading and meditation and then focuses on one or two of the verses within that passage, offering some thoughts for reflection. A suggested prayer in response to the designated reading and reflection then rounds off each day’s devotional. The deliberate choice to group devotionals by larger subject allows for an extended reflection over a period of weeks and CWR have compiled the devotionals to be read in order, sometimes referring back to previous entries.

Whilst you would not use this devotional for serious study of the text, Selwyn Hughes offers some interesting and helpful applications to the verses he selects and the prayer at the end of each entry is especially useful. With entries of no more than 100-150 words, it would be ideal for those who are short on time in the morning but want something to help them start the day with their focus on God. Being pocket-sized, it would also be great bus or tube reading for those who commute!

Even if you would not usually use devotional material yourself, you should consider this well-presented book as a gift for others, perhaps especially a new Christian who would be likely to value particularly the guidance in applying the passages of Scripture to themselves and the suggested prayers.

Chloe Lynch, September 2008

Chloe Lynch is a student at London School of Theology and a part-time church leader with a particular interest in the emerging church.

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