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Prepared for Spiritual BattlePrepared for Spiritual Battle 
Inspiring Women Series

Anne Le Tissier 
ISBN 9781853454714 (1853454710) 
CWR, 2008 (112pp) 

Category: Devotional 
Subcategory: Women’s Studies 
Reviewed by: Chloe Lynch

This short book (112 pages) has a light readable feel to it. Written especially for women, it is an exploration of the practical application of Ephesians 6:12 and has chapter headings including ‘Army Training’, ‘Know Your Enemy’ and ‘The Armour of God’. It contains helpful illustrations and personal testimony mixed with Scriptural examples from across the whole of the Bible and reviews the theme of the spiritual struggle between God and the forces of evil, within which God’s people are caught.

With only seven chapters, those with the time could plan to read a chapter a day over the course of a week. Others might prefer to read the book more slowly, but however the reader chooses to approach LeTissier’s work, they will be encouraged to take time at the end of each chapter to reflect on what they have read. This final section of each chapter contains questions for consideration and personal application together with some thought-inspiring quotations.  Finally, the reader is led in a prayer which follows the main themes of the preceding chapter.

Perhaps the most important thing to say about this book is that it is accessible to the new Christian. It is full of Scriptural references but these do not derogate from the flow of the discussion in the text and, further, the importance of these references is explained at every stage. It would also be attractive to use with a new Christian because it offers very practical application and real-life advice about the Christian walk, without being overtly super-spiritual. Personally, I would consider using this book as a basis for discussion and mentoring of new Christians in one to one and small group settings.

The value of its material on spiritual warfare and godly living is not, of course, limited to women; however, the choice clearly to aim the book at women alone has the disadvantage of making it unsuitable for use with mentoring men. This is a shame but appears to be a publishing decision as this book forms part of the CWR series of ‘books for women’. Nevertheless, if you are working with women who have newly become Christians, consider whether this book could form part of your discipling process with them.

Chloe Lynch, September 2008

Chloe Lynch is a student at London School of Theology and a part-time church leader with a particular interest in the emerging church.

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