Posted in November 2008

STL: A Month of Darkness

On Friday, November 28th, Geoff Wallace from Maranatha Christian Bookshop, Uxbridge, pointed out that it was now a whole month since STL’s IT systems upgrade turned their operations pear-shaped; and if, as STL tell us, things are improving, then — as John Duncan from Cornerstone, Finchley, asks — the question is, where?


UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Fiction > Messenger Messenger Paul Kercal  ISBN 9780232527520 (0232527520)  Darton, Longman & Todd, 2008 (112pp)  £7.95 Category: Fiction  Subcategory: Teenage & Children’s  Reviewed by: Phil Groom In a word: book. As in cool; and if you didn’t know that in txt msg parlance book and cool are the same word, then this book is probably not for … Continue reading

Message in the Sand: Now Out, Now Online

I can think of no more powerful and no more appropriate follow up to my Think Green: Shop Local post than the message of Charmaine Aserappa’s book, Message in the Sand, introduced here by Charmaine last month and, I’m delighted to say, finally published in the Philippines yesterday. I’ll post UK availability details when I have them.  The … Continue reading

VAT Attack: Deep Joy

Congratulations to Her Majesty’s Government on giving us a major accounting headache in the run up to Christmas. Lovely idea in principle: VAT, in my not so humble opinion, is nothing but legalised theft anyway, but that’s another story. Now we face the fun of selling everything that we bought in before Dec 1st at … Continue reading

Think Green: Shop Local

Today, I’d like to issue a new rallying cry for all bricks & mortar retailers, for all local shopkeepers: Think Green: Shop Local There’s nothing new about the idea of local shopping, of course; but if ever there was a time to emphasise our green credentials as local shops, this is it: the run up … Continue reading

Not Under Bondage

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Family and Relationships > Not Under Bondage Not Under Bondage Biblical Divorce for Abuse, Adultery and Desertion Barbara Roberts ISBN 9780980355345 (0980355346) Maschil Press, 2008 £11.95 Category: Family and Relationships Reviewed by: John Wilks This review – to be published in Evangelical Quarterly, April 2009 – is reproduced here by kind permission of … Continue reading

STL: Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Update, 22/11/2008: Thanks to Steve Mitchell for permission to reproduce his Powerpoint Presentation, SAP Go Live. Cynics say that the light you think you can see at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an oncoming train. With Christmas fast approaching I guess that’s an easy mistake to make as we wait for … Continue reading

Timing isn’t the issue: Mark Hurley

I asked STL whether anyone felt brave enough to address the question of the wisdom of timing a major IT systems upgrade during the critical period approaching Advent and Christmas. Mark Hurley replies: Phil, It is not a question of being brave! As you would expect the discussion to Go Live towards the end of October, … Continue reading