More Staff Laid Off at Thomas Nelson

The Recession Hits Home

Today, was a very difficult day at Thomas Nelson. We informed fifty-four of our friends and co-workers (about 10% of our workforce) that we have eliminated their jobs, effective this Friday. This will affect nearly every department in our company.

This was the second round of reductions this year. Unfortunately, this one was no less painful. We did the first round after significantly cutting our SKU count. However, this second round was purely a result of the slowdown in the economy.

As a leadership team, we struggled with this decision for several weeks. As recently as September 19, I assured our employees that we were not planning another reduction in our workforce. It was not even a remote consideration. But the final September and October sales reports changed that…

So wrote Michael Hyatt, President and CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers, last week — 2nd December 2008 — on his blog, From Where I Sit. As I write, the story remains, appropriately enough, on the front page of the blog: without doubt it represents a major downturn in the company’s fortunes and will have repercussions elsewhere in the trade — as well, of course, as in the lives of those who have lost their jobs in the run up to Christmas.

Comments on the post were closed on the evening of 4th December, but it’s worth taking the time to read the full post and the comments: some are supportive, some critical, some angry. Whatever your own feelings on the subject, let’s keep all those affected — not least of all Michael Hyatt himself — in our prayers.