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From the all new, bright and shiny STL Distribution blog:

System Update

I would like to give you a quick update as to where we are with processing and fulfilling orders. Today we are picking orders that were placed on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th December. I just want to reassure you that our team is doing all we can to get back to our normal service levels – this week we have more than doubled our night-shift team. Our goal is to get back to a 24 hour despatch as soon as we can. We are also making good progress on ordering and receiving stock which will improve the fill rate, and we appreciate your patience as we work through outstanding orders and queries.

I would also like to quickly respond to a recent comment in the media – “It now seems it’s too late to order for Christmas from STL.” I want to make you all aware that this is absolutely not the case. We are currently running at 48-72 hour despatch and with the additional night shift team, this will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal of a same day despatch. I would like to thank you for your continued patience during this time and also to apologise once again for the inconvenience this has caused you.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over there today and give them your feedback!

12 thoughts on “STL Delivers Online: Blog Now Live!

  1. I did try to place a comment on the STL blog but you need a google account first (and I gave up after 3 attempts to create one because it wouldn’t accept my interpretation of their squiggly writing to verify). So keep blogging Phil.

  2. Lol.
    Well all I can say is that yes they sent me some backorders today – it even said Select Promo in the reference – such a shame that no select promo discounts or prices had been charged – rather the full prices at the usual and in some cases strangely low discount levels instead.
    How many minutes on hold before bottling and opting to leave voice message?? and how many voice messages before someone phoned back?? go on guess, it was more than once and more than 5 minutes.
    When someone did phone back they were the usual level of polite and helpful that you do always get from Customer Services ( and that is actaully pretty high) but it just should not be like this still.
    I was also told that another order I had placed last week was now being processed for despatch. To my mind that is a bit more than 48-72 hours, though I can concede that they did process one order for some extra bible notes that I placed within the 72 hour framework – so perhaps it is getting better.
    The thing is the stock levels and delivery times need to be right, but then so do the invoices as well.
    Just a shame that I am feeling so let down by them and fed up with the rigmarole of phoning and leaving messages and chasing and checking on things that should just largely be right.

  3. They assure me that they have some guys with gremlin guns hunting down the invoice saboteurs… especially those accursed carriage charges!! I just had one with a carriage charge of £20.28 slapped on the end…

    And the customer service staff there at the sharp end of our messages and frustrations have my admiration for retaining their humour and sanity. I do hope they are being well paid!!

    Fully empathise with what you say, Melanie, though: it really should not be be like this still.

    Geoff: fear not, I shall continue blogging!

  4. My STL list of outstanding STL queries continues to grow in spite of customer services valiant efforts to clear them up.
    Just had deliveries spread over 4 days of
    a 17 page invoice generated by a pendings sweep.
    The news that caps it all is that last day for orders for Christmas is Wednesday- so
    much for catching up? I was surprised and

  5. I should begin by declaring an interest – I work for Wesley Owen. But my comment is prompted by a blog post by my ‘missionary’ daughter who is currently working in STLD Customer Services while saving up for her forthcoming year in Jo’burg.

    She writes: “It’s annoying when you don’t get the things that you want, but despite the fact that Christian books are not oxygen or food or anything that could really be described as ‘essential’ the reaction of some of the customers has been… unpleasant.

    It’s sad really, especially when you consider that the majority of people who I work with aren’t Christians. So now the wonderful witness that they’re experiencing is Christian after Christian shouting, swearing and generally acting like the world has come to end because their books are two days later arriving than normal. To be fair, not everyone is that bad, and some people are really nice and understanding, but sadly it’s the horrible customers who my colleagues remember.”

    Message for all STL customers – be nicer.”

    Yes, we all share the frustrations of not getting the products we have ordered, but venting your frustrations on people who didn’t cause the problem but are doing their best to resolve it does nothing for you, them or the Kingdom. Don’t shoot the messenger!

    If you are interested, her full blog is at

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  7. Hi all

    Just to make you aware that you should not need to register a google account to be able to add a comment onto the STL blog.

    All you need to do is add your comment, fill in the squiggly writing to verify and click anonymous. This will allow you to leave comments without registering a google account.

    • Leaving anonymous blog posts on the STL blog is a little sneaky don’t you think? If we have comments we’d like them to hear then shouldn’t we be brave, some may say mature, enough to make them either in private to those who can actually change things – the STL staff – or publicly leaving our names. Sneakiness is not too helpful for anyone.

      • There can be perfectly good reasons for anonymity or using a pseudonym. Some people who post here or on my other blogs use pseudonyms and that’s absolutely fine.

        Using anonymity to snipe or make snide remarks is another matter; but in general, I’d say it’s the rest of us who need to be mature enough to respect other people’s choices…

      • As a matter of record STL changed their policy on this (see one of the 21 comments on ‘STL system update’ STL blog, Jan 12th) so you can no longer leave anonymous comments on their blog.

  8. I think it is pretty fair to say that most of us have no problems letting STL know when there are problems up front and personal like!
    Although sometimes the problem is that there seem to be no resolutions to the problems.

    As to the anonymous thing –
    I dont think it was ever that anyone wanted to be snide or hide who they were, rather it is that not everyone has their own blogs etc that would have given them the necessary log in details and it was more a case of wanting to leave a message without having to fill in a registration form.

    Also on the anonymous thing – fear of adverse repercussions has always been a good deterrent to honest opinion, and so we should always have some method of allowing people to speak out without fear of reprisal from those in power, their collegues or their peers.
    Or at least I think we should, though yes the ones with the problem always need to be told about it first and given the chance to fix it!

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