Crunch Hits STL

Yesterday, 7th January 2009, STL announced a major top-level restructuring, placing the blame squarely upon “the global economic crisis”:

Over the past twelve months this country has suffered the effects of the global economic crisis, from which the Christian sector is not immune.

Due to the need to address the serious downturn in trading, both in the wholesale distribution and retail sectors, the leadership of the Charity has decided to restructure its UK operations. Graham Sopp will step down from his role of UK Chief Executive and take a new role of European Ministries Director, which will include responsibility for UK Resource Development and Fundraising.

Fred Slack will leave his role as Director of UK Fundraising after a suitable period of handover.

Keith Danby, IBS-STL Global President, will assume the responsibility of leading the UK Charity with immediate effect and will lead an in depth review of all aspects of the ministry in preparation for the new fiscal year. Further details of the new structure will be available following the completion of this review.

You can read the rest of the statement on the STL Blog.

What puzzles me about it is that no one at STL seems (publicly at least) to have made any connection between the ‘downturn in trading’ and the frankly disastrous attempt made by STL to upgrade its IT systems at the end of October last year, from which it has yet to fully recover…

2 thoughts on “Crunch Hits STL

  1. Indeed it does seem odd. My turnover with STL for the months of November/December was down 39% on the equivalent period in 2007. This had very little to do with the global economic crisis.

  2. Curiously when I compare my STL invoice value on Batch for November and December it is also down by 39% on 2007.
    Perhaps Keith Danby needs to include that in his review.

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