Were you there? Last Week’s CBC Presentation

On Tuesday 13th January, Christian Resources Exhibitions (CRE), the new owners of the Christian Booksellers Convention (CBC), gave a presentation on their plans for the future development of CBC:

In a period of economic uncertainty the need for a vibrant and forward-thinking event has never been more crucial and CBC joining with CRE will ensure this important trade show maintains its position as a flagship to our industry.

— Colin B Saunders, CRE Executive Chairman,
Invitation letter to Christian booksellers.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to other commitments whilst for others, such as Mark Fleeson from the Lindisfarne Scriptorium, the distance involved made attending a 2-3 hour meeting seem a wee bit surreal.

Were you there? How well attended was the meeting? Was it worthwhile and if so, why? Do you plan to attend CBC@CRE this year — and if not, why not? What would it take to change your mind?

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3 thoughts on “Were you there? Last Week’s CBC Presentation

  1. I wasn’t at the meeting, it’s difficult getting away from the shop for meetings these days.
    I have never been to CRE and unfortunately my experience is tainted by finding out last year that a local customer placed a nearly £2000 retail value order with Mayhew because they offered 25% discount (we only get 27% on music product). I can’t see that changing, especially as the press release offered publishers potential access to 12,000 customers.
    If I was a publisher and had the choice of exhibiting to about 400 booksellers over 4 days or 12,000 customers over the same period……………….
    However, there is a need for the trade to get together and in the years when I have been able to attend CBC it has always been an encouraging and inspiring experience with rich fellowship, positive motivation and fresh ideas.
    So I wait to hear what CRE propose and who will be exhibiting and where. I will try and go on at least one of the days.

  2. I was at the meeting, both morning and afternoon and there was a good exchange of ideas and opinions. You can read a full report in the February issue of Christian Marketplace magazine (out on 31st January) along with an exclusive interview with the Global Chief Executive of IBS-STL, Keith Danby, about his return to head up the UK operation.

    There’s much more in the magazine, this and every month, so if you are a Christian retailer in the UK and Ireland and you don’t get a copy of Christian Marketplace, the only independent information magazine for the Christian retail trade in the UK, then sign up now. Just go to http://www.christianmarketplace.org.uk and hit the ‘subscribe now’ button for retailers and we will ensure you get a free subscription sent directly to you.

    If you’re not already a subscriber and you want a copy of the February issue then email me at clem.jackson@premier.org.uk and I’ll mail you one when it comes out at the end of next week.

    And if you run a church bookstall, or you are a church leader who wants to be more informed about what is available in the Christian marketplace, then you too can receive a free subscription by going to the website and hitting the appropriate ‘subscribe now’ button.

  3. Geoff,
    We tried advertising at CBC when it moved to Telford, it cost us 2,500 and we got about 40 enquries and only two orders that totalled £60.

    We regularly exhibit at National CRE, which costs us £2,000 and we usually take about 4-5K.

    We’ve had more trade enquiries through CRE than CBC.

    We found that CBC was nearly all Wesley Owen staff with very few independents attending and as they have centralised buying were not interested in our products. Also with so many seminars going on we only saw people as they rushed to where they wanted to go between the seminars. At CRE we have people around all day.

    We are launching a new CD by David Fitzgerald and Dave Bainbridge (founders of Iona band). Its all instrumental and from what I’ve heard is going to be popular.

    If you’re unable to attend CRE, and would like more details, please email me mark @ lindisfarne-scriptorium.co.uk and I can send you details nearer the time.

    Best Wishes

    Lindisfarne Scriptorium

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