Keeping Up to Date, Getting Up to Speed

Keeping Up to Date

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my request earlier this month to check their UKCBD entries. If you’re a bookshop owner or member of staff and you have not yet done so, please do; and if you’re a bookshop customer or other visitor, please do let me know if you notice any incorrect information or out of date entries in the Directory. Please remember, however, that UKCBD is a purely voluntary project, so it can take some time for updates and new entries to appear: please be patient. As the saying goes, always read the label.

Christian Marketplace

Christian Marketplace

Getting Up to Speed

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse from Clem Jackson at Christian Marketplace: a free subscription for every Christian Bookshop, Church Leader and anyone running a Church Bookstall. Responding to my questions about last week’s CBC@CRE presentation, Clem writes:

I was at the meeting, both morning and afternoon and there was a good exchange of ideas and opinions. You can read a full report in the February issue of Christian Marketplace magazine (out on 31st January) along with an exclusive interview with the Global Chief Executive of IBS-STL, Keith Danby, about his return to head up the UK operation.

There’s much more in the magazine, this and every month, so if you are a Christian retailer in the UK and Ireland and you don’t get a copy of Christian Marketplace, the only independent information magazine for the Christian retail trade in the UK, then sign up now. Just go to and hit the ‘subscribe now’ button for retailers and we will ensure you get a free subscription sent directly to you.

If you’re not already a subscriber and you want a copy of the February issue then email me at and I’ll mail you one when it comes out at the end of next week.

And if you run a church bookstall, or you are a church leader who wants to be more informed about what is available in the Christian marketplace, then you too can receive a free subscription by going to the website and hitting the appropriate ‘subscribe now’ button.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and get your business or church up to speed with all the latest news and views from the world of Christian books and music!