Posted in January 2009

Crunch Hits STL

Yesterday, 7th January 2009, STL announced a major top-level restructuring, placing the blame squarely upon “the global economic crisis”: Over the past twelve months this country has suffered the effects of the global economic crisis, from which the Christian sector is not immune. Due to the need to address the serious downturn in trading, both … Continue reading

Christian Zionism

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Israel & Palestine > Christian Zionism Christian Zionism  Road-map to Armageddon? Stephen Sizer  ISBN 9781844740505 (1844740501)  IVP, 2004  £14.99 Category: Israel & Palestine  Reviewed by: Phil Groom Israel’s crimes against humanity must always be seen against the backdrop of the equally terrible crimes of humanity against Israel. But does this make those crimes — its ongoing … Continue reading