Posted in February 2009

The Lost Message of Eugene Peterson

Received an enquiry today from another bookshop wondering if I knew why copies of Eugene Peterson’s The Message seem few and far between at the moment. Have to confess that I wasn’t aware of a problem: it’s not exactly a top seller at LST; but I decided to check availability of a few editions online … Continue reading

Ash Wednesday: Introducing Love Life Live Lent

LENT is upon us. What will you be giving up — or giving away? What, if anything, does Lent mean to you? What is your church doing — or stopping doing — for Lent this year? Traditionally, of course, Lent has been seen as a time for giving things up, for travelling, metaphorically, with Jesus … Continue reading

Journey to Jerusalem

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Seasonal > Lent & Easter > Journey to Jerusalem Journey to Jerusalem  Bible readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday David Winter  ISBN 9781841014852 (1841014850)  BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship), 2007 (176pp)  £7.99 Category: Seasonal  Subcategory: Lent & Easter  Reviewed by: Jody Stowell Journey to Jerusalem is a set of Bible readings which take us on our own personal Lenten journey by … Continue reading

Seeking a Portable Stock Control System

Have just received the following (lightly edited) enquiry. Any recommendations? Any systems you’d advise against? Some time ago we opened a bookstall at our church, which has now become more than a bookstall, more of a bookshop, with another small bookstall at another worship centre in the parish. The parish auditors have asked for a … Continue reading

The Bible in Vision

I invited Melissa from The Bible in Vision project to tell us about it… What happens when you put together over 300 readers to read the entire Bible continuously from Genesis to Revelation over a non-stop 3 day period? You get The Bible in Vision, a unique and exciting film project involving a range of bishops, actors, singers, … Continue reading

Preparing for Lent in Salisbury

It was both a pleasure and a privilege to be able to visit the brand new, bright and shiny Sarum Books in Salisbury earlier this week. I found Mark and one of his assistants, Belinda, who joins him there from Sarum College Bookshop, busy preparing for Lent. Catherine Street is a superb location, just around … Continue reading

Applause for Marston: Who Gets Your Vote?

Andrew Lacey from GLO has left a glowing (you may groan) report about Marston Christian Books on the Feedback page, and I find myself agreeing: prompt replies to queries, prompt order processing and despatch, efficient returns processing. Congratulations to all concerned. One ongoing frustration from my point of view, however: Marston are still not using for … Continue reading

Porn Sells

Even in Christian Bookshops. Not directly, I’m sure, and probably not under the counter in brown paper bags either,  though I’m told that when Alan Mann & Steve Chalke’s book The Lost Message of Jesus began to attract controversy, some Christian Bookshops resorted to such measures. Christians are, indeed, a very peculiar people. But what I’m talking … Continue reading

Making the News, Getting Interactive?

Are you? Or to be more precise, is your shop? Making the news and/or getting interactive, that is? As I’ve been ploughing (almost literally, given the weather recently) my way through the UKCBD database updates, I’ve come across several shops which have made the news in one way or another or have added blogs and … Continue reading

A Plea to CLC Wholesale

Great to see your full page ad in the latest issue of Christian Marketplace; and great to know you’re there. But even better if you made your stock catalogue available online, please. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel: we don’t need another debacle like STL’s SAP implementation. Instead, please sign up to PubEasy: PubEasy … Continue reading