Making the News, Getting Interactive?

UK Christian Bookshops DirectoryAre you? Or to be more precise, is your shop? Making the news and/or getting interactive, that is?

As I’ve been ploughing (almost literally, given the weather recently) my way through the UKCBD database updates, I’ve come across several shops which have made the news in one way or another or have added blogs and facebook profiles to their online presence.

I’m adding these to shops’ directory entries as an extra enhancement when I find them, but why leave it to chance? I know it’s Darwin’s 200th anniversary this year and all that, but whatever your beliefs about evolution/creation, one thing you can be sure of is that your online presence will evolve one way or another — either creatively as you take control of it or chaotically as you leave it to chance and the search engines…

So if you’ve made the news, locally or nationally, or if you’ve set up a blog or created a facebook, other social network or twitter profile for your shop, please let me know and I’ll add it to your UKCBD entry.

I’ve also tweaked the database so that each entry updated since January 31st 2009 now includes its modification date in the main directory as well as in the corresponding standalone entry: from now on you’ll know exactly how up to date (or out of date!) every entry is. No date on an entry means that it hasn’t been updated since Jan 31st… 

Now, get on out there and build yourself a snowman…

(and if you’re incurably curious, you’ll find me twittering here:

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