The Bible in Vision

I invited Melissa from The Bible in Vision project to tell us about it…

Reading The Bible in VisionWhat happens when you put together over 300 readers to read the entire Bible continuously from Genesis to Revelation over a non-stop 3 day period?

You get The Bible in Vision, a unique and exciting film project involving a range of bishops, actors, singers, politicians and church-goers reading the Gospel on DVD.

The project originated over the concern that people know more about the triumphs and traumas of movie stars and football stars than about the Bible.

“We’re doing it for the glory of God. We also hope to raise the profile of the Bible to two generations of people that have rarely heard any of it,” says Reverend Gordon Warren, the vicar of St Anne’s Church in Limehouse where it was filmed.

With readers such as the Bishop of London, politician David Owen, the Admiral of the Fleet, actor Simon Wilson, the Bishop of Stepney, Lord West and beautiful scenes shot from biblical places such as Jerusalem, King Solomon’s mines, and the Mount of Olives, The Bible in Vision brings the Bible to life on film.

BAFTA nominated David Cohen is the Film Director for the project, “The Bible evokes so many images – images of joy, images of suffering. It has inspired so much great art”.

The Four GospelsThe Bible in Vision has recently released The Four Gospels, a DVD set containing 4 DVDs (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and almost 8 hours of footage for £25.

Beverley TrotmanThe DVD set is introduced by X Factor Christian singer, Beverley Trotman; art critic and nun, Sister Wendy; Alpha Course leader, Nicky Gumbel; and Reverend Gordon Warren. They were interviewed with the question, “What do the Gospels mean to you?”.

You can now order The Bible in Vision for your bookstore. Current stockists find it sells well whilst playing in the store. For wholesale ordering, please contact me, Melissa, on 020 8381 4845 or, for more information on the project and other orders, please visit