Kingsway Buys Fierce! Distribution

Kingsway purchases Fierce! Distribution - Press Release

Kingsway purchases Fierce! Distribution - Press Release

In a Press Release issued yesterday, Monday, March 2nd, 2009, Kingsway Communications announced its acquisition of Fierce! Distribution. This places the actual distribution process in the hands of STL. The announcement was accompanied by a note asking retailers for patience whilst the transition takes place, reiterated in the press release itself:

All sales placed on and after today (Friday 27th February) will be processed by STL. Please allow a period of grace for this transition.

The merger should secure the future for Fierce!, which was inevitably brought into question following last year’s announcement that Delirious? would be disbanding. It takes place with the full blessing of Martin Smith and the band, who commented:

Fierce! has been our UK/International distributor for the last 8 years and we are so pleased to be passing our ‘baby’ onto Kingsway to take forward the Delirious? catalogue and our future releases.

8 thoughts on “Kingsway Buys Fierce! Distribution

  1. Fierce led the way with cheaper CDs at £12 rather than £14.99. It remains to be seen whether Kingsway will continue the trend.

  2. Looks like your fears are well founded, Geoff: new Delirious CD out now from Kingsway for £14.67 RRP… except customers who buy it direct from the Kingsway online shop get it for £11.63…

    Can’t help thinking there’s something not quite right about companies setting an arbitrary RRP then underselling themselves to claim that they’re offering a discount…

  3. Yes, we’ve been invoiced at £14.99 as well.
    Watch out for the discounts on the STL weekly offers. Veggie tales should have been 50% but came in at normal discounts.

  4. We are going through every STL invoice with a toothcomb at the moment. I have had three instances in the last few days of backorder lines coming in with zero discount.

  5. Just a correction. On the Fierce order form for an order placed in January this item was repped in by Fierce at £15 (Delirious – My Soul Sings) so Kingsway have reduced the price by 1p.

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