Tweet Tweet: Who’s Twittering in the Christian Book Trade?


Last Updated December 1, 2010

Twitter. It seems you can’t turn on the TV or radio, pick up a paper or open a magazine without someone twittering on about twitter. Even April’s Christian Marketplace, p.39; but I’m to blame for that one.

So what’s it all about? What’s the point? Two words: twitter connects. Bookseller to bookseller: bookseller to customer: bookseller to publisher and supplier: bookseller to author; and vice-versa, as well as every other possible which way. It connects us professionally but, perhaps more importantly, as people. So let’s make it three words: twitter connects people; and people, surely, is what this trade of ours is ultimately about.

So who amongst us is twittering? Here’s a list of those I know of so far, with a few from beyond the Christian trade thrown in for good measure — because we wouldn’t want to be just talking to ourselves, would we? Since UKCBD is a UK focused project, I’m initially restricting this list to UK users or those with a clear UK crossover. Other users are very welcome to comment, of course!

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Bookshops and Booksellers (A-Z by Shop Name/Surname)

Authors (A-Z by Surname)
With links to authors’ blogs and UKCBD Reviews where available.

Publishers and Suppliers (A-Z by Company/Surname)


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If you’re on twitter, have some sort of connection to the UK Christian book trade and would like to be added to this list, please leave a comment on this post and/or follow/tweet me @notbovvered and I’ll gladly add you.

For a list of who’s twittering in the wider book trade, check out @jennifertribe‘s  Directory of Book Trade People on Twitter; and be sure to visit the christianbookshopbods twibe and blog set up by @unicorntreebks.

If you’re not on twitter and can’t quite figure it out, check out these posts from a couple of guys who’ve been at it for longer than me:

If you’re not convinced after reading those, then I guess twitter really is not for you. No worries: the world will keep on turning.

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25 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet: Who’s Twittering in the Christian Book Trade?

  1. Donald, Larry: thanks to both of you for taking the time to drop by. This is a UK focused site, however, and whilst I’m happy to include publishers and projects that have some degree of USA/UK crossover, yours both appear to be entirely USA oriented. At this stage, therefore, I’m leaving you off the list.

      • Phil

        Tried to contact you through normal route but have been gtting no response. Here is a copy of email recently sent.

        I will send attcahment if you can provide contact details. Thank You.

        Shop Name: Gladstones Christian Bookshop and Cafe
        Address, including postcode: 18 Slater Street, Liverpool, L1 4BS
        Telephone Number: 0151 708 9550
        Fax Number: 0151 708 9550
        Name of Contact Person: Bill Tonge Manager, Derek Alder Administrator
        Website URL:
        Email address:
        Shop Opening Days and Times: Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 4.00pm

        Gladstones Christian Bookshop is a peaceful oasis in the heart of Liverpool’s busy city. You can sit and browse our extensive Evangelical Bookshop; buy from our bargain Christian Booksales (special offers all year round); request help from our staff to find the exact Christian title you require, purchase your Christian Greeting Cards and listen to and buy your choice of Christian Music CD’s and DVD’s. We have a considerable second-hand section of Christian Evangelical Books and Theology (2000+ books).

        Gladstones Café. If you want to take a break from shopping and relax, in a definite Christian ambience. Gladstones is the place for you! Great Food! Great Place! Great Prices!
        We provide a delicious daily Breakfast & Lunch Menu, including Soup of the Day and a wide range of healthy main choices, as well as lighter lunches. Espresso Coffees made to your taste, Special Fruit and Herbal Teas, Home-made Cakes and Pastries. Almost every item on our menu can be served as a Take-Away option. Seating for 50 places.
        Payments in the Bookshop and Café can be made with debit and credit cards. Also you can avoid the Liverpool One crush and take advantage of cheaper parking areas near to Gladstones Bookshop and Cafe.

        Gladstones Christian Venue
        Used by Churches, Christian Organisations and University CU’s, Gladstones provides a neutral, non threatening environment, with facilities for seminars, mini conferences, Christian music and sharing. Seminar room seats 40 to 50 persons. Special Buffet or Cafe food and refreshment available on request.

        Gladstones is also the meeting place of

        • Globe Café International Student Outreach (Liverpool Universities Christian Union).
        • Gladstones Homeless Outreach facilitates evangelical churches reaching out to those suffering from alcohol and substance abuse, providing food and friendly help.;
        • Liverpool Healing Rooms, bringing prayer and faith to those in need of physical and emotional healing.
        • Gladstones “Get Going” and BTCP (Bible Training Centre for Pastors and Leaders) for Christian workers on Merseyside. See our website: Enquiries about courses to email

        The Gladstone Trust – Reg.Charity 232909

        Thank you


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  4. Hello, thought we should give you some more info! Please add us to your list. We are not strictly a Christian Bookshop as we are in fact a secular society (est 1810); however we publish and sell the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg which are of interest to many progressive/academic Christians.

    We are:
    The Swedenborg Society
    20-21 Bloomsbury Way
    London WC1A 2TH

    Twitter: @SwedSoc

    Many thanks,

    Nora Foster
    Marketing Representative
    The Swedenborg Society.

    • Hi Nora – thanks for the info. I’ll leave your info here in the comments rather than add you to the list, however, since — as you acknowledge — your organisation is not actually part of the Christian trade.

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  6. Regnum Books International is an imprint of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. We’ll be twittering about Regnum Books on twitter @OCMSoxford

    Please add us to your twitter list!

    The books we publish are the fruit of rigorous research to the highest international standards and demonstrate authentic Christian engagement in the transformation of people and societies throughout the world.

    The new Regnum Books International website is now live
    Customers are now able to buy books online direct from OCMS using the secure paypal service. We are currently offering all publications at a discounted rate with free shipping!

    The new website will mean that Regnum books will be available to a wider group of people than ever before. Full information about all our titles can be found on the new site. We will be updating the site regularly with information about our forthcoming publications.

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  8. Hi Phil,

    If this list is being maintained, please could you remove @josiegunn from the list (account now closed) and add @canterburybooks (Canterbury Press) and @scm_press ?



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