Party on the Blog: One Year Old Today!

Party BalloonsToday, April 2nd 2009, is this blog’s 1st birthday — a massive thank you to everyone who has joined in and made it worthwhile!

It’s been an interesting and sometimes entertaining year in which we’ve survived threats and bullying from J Mark Brewer, co-owner of the former SPCK bookshops, who wanted to silence reporting on his mistreatment of his employees and somewhat innovative business practices. If you’re unfamiliar with that story you can read all about it at SPCK/SSG: News, Notes & Info — the best place to start is probably here: New to the SPCK/SSG Story, or just feeling lost?

We’ve also featured 21 Guest Posts from contributors as diverse as Gregory MacDonald, The Evangelical Universalist, through to Charmaine Aserappa, author of the beautifully illustrated children’s story, Message in the Sand, with its timely and important message about taking responsibility for the environment. Could you be our next Guest Post contributor? Please let me know if you have an idea for a post.

I’ll refrain from commenting on the last six months of chaos at STL apart from to observe one good thing that has emerged out of it all: the STL Blog. I think it’s probably fair to say that the STL blog team still have some way to go in mastering the art of online conversation, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction, opening up the channels of communication. Congratulations are due to Steve Mitchell in particular, I believe, as I think it was largely his initiative that set the STL Blog rolling.

Top Posts

The all-time top five posts are:

  1. Christian Bookshops — who needs them?
  2. New Name for SSG?
  3. The Shack
  4. SPCK/SSG News Archives
  5. 30a Sincil Street, RIP

The post that attracted the most comments was my review of the McGraths’ The Dawkins Delusion: that conversation eventually petered out after 46 responses, but the issues surrounding it have not gone away.

Visitor Stats

For my final look back over the past year, a chart showing traffic through this blog from April 2008 to March 2009:

Visitor Stats April 2008 - March 2009

Visitor Stats April 2008 - March 2009

Thanks again to everyone who has been involved and encouraged me along the way: I hope you’ve enjoyed and appreciated it as much as I have. As to where we go from here: that’s your call — all suggestions welcome!

Party on, people!

Party Time

6 thoughts on “Party on the Blog: One Year Old Today!

  1. Happy Birthday Phil,

    Well done for stepping into the breach and providing a forum for comment and discussion. Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy Birthday, Phil.

    Your blog keeps Christianity firmly in the present and alive, and keeps us aware and thinking. Thank you for your kind support of my book; I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  3. Well done Phil on taking on the SPCKSSG saga and a whole lot else. Your energy amazes me.

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