Posted in April 2009

FM Bookshops Online: Official Launch and Dedication

This evening, 7pm, Tuesday April 14, 2009, sees the official launch and dedication of the new FM Bookshops Online Shop, 7pm, Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church, Bangor, Northern Ireland. Congratulations to Ally Simpson (@supersimbo) and all involved, with best wishes for every success in the new venture!

Paul Walker and Hodder Faith

On April 6, 2009 we learned from Geoff Wallace that Paul Walker, one of Hodder Faith’s reps to the Christian Book Trade, had been made redundant. In view of the escalating concern being expressed over this situation, the comments made thus far are now reposted here. Please continue the discussions here rather than on the earlier post. Thank you. … Continue reading

More Changes afoot at STL/Wesley Owen

Last month we noted STL UK’s forthcoming name change to ‘Biblica’, mentioned in the small print on the Wesley Owen volunteer leaflet, Wesley Owen Want You – and a New Name for STL UK? There’s still been no official announcement about that that I’m aware of, via the STL Blog or elsewhere. Now, courtesy of Christian Retailing USA, … Continue reading

Should Christian bookshops be protecting customers or provoking them? Building walls or breaking them down?

I asked this question on twitter in response to an article I found on the Canadian Christian publishers and writers blog, Future Tense: Are Warning Stickers on Book Jackets coming to Canada? Do Christian booksellers have a duty to “protect the minds” of their customers? Most Christian bookstores in Canada carry items with the potential to cause the least … Continue reading

Party on the Blog: One Year Old Today!

Today, April 2nd 2009, is this blog’s 1st birthday — a massive thank you to everyone who has joined in and made it worthwhile! It’s been an interesting and sometimes entertaining year in which we’ve survived threats and bullying from J Mark Brewer, co-owner of the former SPCK bookshops, who wanted to silence reporting on … Continue reading

Authentic enter the Blogosphere – and more twits

A warm welcome to Authentic, who entered the blogosphere on March 10th 2009 at along with a whole team of twits (or should that be ‘twitterers’ — what do you think?) to keep us entertained and up to speed. A-Z by twitter username: @andydutch: Andy Dutch @authenticmedia: Authentic Media @gabriellefrncis: Gabrielle Francis @garethwrussell: Gareth Russell @michael_ward: Michael Ward … Continue reading