Church House Publishing: Where did the money go? #CHP

Following on from my earlier post about the proposed handover of Church House Publishing to Hymns Ancient & Modern, I am now, if you’ll forgive the phrase, gobsmacked. Some thoughts from wannabepriest which may explain, to some extent at least, why Church House Publishing has reached crunch point financially:

With the publication of the Common Worship library between 2000 and 2007, there was tremendous potential of course for CHP to turn a nice tidy profit. Indeed, one of the reasons that the Archbishops’ Council stated back in the mid-nineties for awarding the publishing contract to its own in-house publisher was to ensure that those funds didn’t go elsewhere to a commercial publisher but instead were used to benefit the Church of England.

… the important point that I want to make is this. To the question – where did all the Common Worship profits go? The answer is very simple – the Archbishops’ Council snaffled the lot back into its central funds. CHP were never allowed to use any of that money to invest in their own future. I think I am also right in saying that it was never allowed to appear on their bottom line. It was kept totally separate.

It’s not quite as bad as the Tory MP who claimed £2,000 in expenses to build a duck island: the Archbishops’ Council did have the perfectly legitimate right to use the profits from Common Worship as they saw fit; but did they not also have a responsibility to invest in the company and, more importantly, a duty of care towards their employees, rather than siphon off profits to the point where the company now needs to be sold off and staff now seem on the brink of being laid off?

I find myself asking the question, What Would Judas Do? Has Church House Publishing been betrayed by the Archbishops’ Council?

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