Posted in June 2009

Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group

Sitting at home this morning, cut off from LST by the tube strike, I realised how many of us there are from the Christian book trade on facebook: authors, booksellers, publishers and others. Figured it might be useful to have a space where we can meet online, discuss, exchange ideas and support one another: Christian … Continue reading

The Six Ways of Atheism

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Doctrine and Theology > The Six Ways of Atheism The Six Ways of Atheism New Logical Disproofs of the Existence of God Geoffrey Berg ISBN 9780954395667 (0954395662) Geoffrey Berg, 2009 (175pp) £9.50 Category: Doctrine and Theology Reviewed by: Phil Groom Every so often a book comes along which has the power to change … Continue reading

Wishing Paul Walker Well

Rounding off our earlier conversations about Paul Walker’s departure from Hodder, this week’s post brought me the following announcement from Hodder Faith, dated 28th May 2009: Due to the current economic climate affecting the trade in the UK, and a restructure of our sales department, we have had to make the difficult decision to let … Continue reading

Church House Publishing: More Questions

To start this week, I’d like to once again draw attention to the proposed handover of Church House Publishing to Hymns Ancient & Modern. The Revd David Green — a former Church House Publishing employee — has highlighted this issue several times now on his blog but, as far as I’m aware, there has not … Continue reading