Posted in July 2009

Staff Vacancy at BOOKS Plus, Gloucester

Nick Lord writes: Dear Phil, I worked at SPCK London for 3 years alongside Mark Spearing. After leaving last year I took up the post of Branch Manager of BOOKS Plus Christian Bookshop in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. I am now leaving this post. I was wondering if it is possible, through the wonder of facebook, … Continue reading

Not Under Bondage: Update

They’re there in every church, in every community, amongst your customers. Not aliens: abused women; but all too often they’re treated like aliens if not like animals. Most are silent: they’ve been beaten into silence, some verbally, some physically; but whether verbal or physical, it’s still abuse; and all too often, instead of becoming a … Continue reading

SPCK/SSG Bookshops: A Brief Note

Today, July 21st, marks a significant milestone in the history of reporting on the former SPCK Bookshops: it’s exactly one year on to the day when, if J Mark Brewer had had his way, that reporting would have not only ceased but would have been wiped out completely. Thanks to the encouragement, help and support … Continue reading

The Mission Ball: A Social Media Survey

Neil Batty, purveyor of Scripture Candy and other fine Christian novelties, requested an opinion on another product he hopes to start bouncing around here in the UK: the Mission Ball. Being a complete ignoramus when it comes to anything football related (tennis, however, I understand perfectly) I thought what better way to garner feedback than via … Continue reading

Bibles for Causes: how far should we go?

And so we move from the ridiculous to the sublime: a special edition Pink Ribbon Bible for breast cancer sufferers, courtesy of those canny marketeers at HarperCollins. I’ve blogged this topic before. No, not breast cancer: Bibles. Blue Bibles, pink Bibles, rainbow hued Bibles, Bibles for banana lovers, Bibles for cat lovers and mouse haters and Bibles … Continue reading


UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Fiction > Tomas Tomas James Palumbo ISBN 9780704371583 (0704371588) Quartet Books, 2009 £10 Category: Fiction Subcategory: General Reviewed by: Phil Groom On Monday I read the opening pages of this book. I read them whilst visiting Foyles, St Pancras Station, after seeing my wife off on a train. It’s a peculiar book and, judging … Continue reading

Church House Publishing: End of an Era or a New Beginning?

On Wednesday July 1st, the Church of England officially announced that the Archbishops Council had finalised its agreement (see previous reports) to hand over its publishing division, Church House Publishing, to Hymns Ancient and Modern: The Archbishops’ Council has signed an agreement with Anglican charity Hymns Ancient & Modern to publish liturgy, key reference titles and … Continue reading