A Facebook Roundup for the Christian Book Trade


Last Updated August 31, 2010

As more and more of us are connecting with our customers and one another via facebook, I figured it was about time to compile an index. If your company is on facebook but not listed here, shout out and I’ll update the list; and if you’re not there yet, why not? There are paid options available but a basic presence is free, easy to use and a great way to keep up with your customers and colleagues.

Some of us have set up groups, others have created pages, profiles and/or events: which way did you go and why? Which would you say has proved most effective in reaching your customers? If you’re about to start out on facebook and are not sure which way to go, check out the resources section below.

If you’ve got a tale to tell of how using facebook has helped — or hindered — your company, whether by connecting with your customers or suppliers or in some other way, please leave a comment. Anyone else too, for that matter: it’s an open book, waiting to be written, and we’re all in it together.

Trade Groups

Bookshops/Retailers | Facebook Search: Christian Bookshop

What happened to Wesley Owen? Since last year’s demise of their parent company, IBS-STL UK, most branches of Wesley Owen have reopened under the Living Oasis banner: listed above.

Looking for Christian bookshops in the USA? Search for Christian Bookstore.



Finally, a word to the wise: if you haven’t set up your own facebook group or page yet, the very least you should do is run a facebook search for your company name to find out what others are saying about you…


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24 thoughts on “A Facebook Roundup for the Christian Book Trade

  1. Hi. The new book
    Planet BB: The Boys’Brigade around the world (see Oct ed. of Christian Marketplace) will have a website very shortly. planet-bb.co.uk will feature all you need to know about this title, designed to raise money for the BB abroad. See facebook group (same as title) for more info 🙂
    260 ordered so far (2 months before publication!!!)

  2. We are only a Saturday Market Stall but we aim to serve the people of Monmouth with Christian literature,gifts and cards. We also get a lot of tourists, many of whom are pleased to see a Christian winess in the marketplace. We have recently started a FB group but struggling to get people to sign up.

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    • Hi Jenny – I found your page for the college, but not one for the bookshop. If you’d like create a facebook page for the shop (or provide the URL if you’ve already set one up), I’ll gladly add it. Thanks.

  4. We have now deleted the group ‘Friends of Cornerstone’ and instead have a page ‘Cornerstone Bookshop North Finchley’.

      • The group never really worked for us – (possibly because I never really thought through how best to make it work.) A page seems a better way to go – I think it’s more open in that ‘liking’ a page seems less of a major decision than joining a group, and (so far) I think the page is also easier to manage.

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