SPCK/SSG Bookshops: A Brief Note

Today, July 21st, marks a significant milestone in the history of reporting on the former SPCK Bookshops: it’s exactly one year on to the day when, if J Mark Brewer had had his way, that reporting would have not only ceased but would have been wiped out completely.

Thanks to the encouragement, help and support of many friends who stood by me when Mr Brewer breathed his threats of legal action against Dave Walker, myself and others, that didn’t happen: the reporting and scrutiny not only continued, it intensified.

Interim Managers Notice - No entry to this building is permitted...

Interim Manager's Notice - "No entry to this building is permitted..."

We are now at a point where we see the tables comprehensively turned on Mr Brewer: he himself has been issued with an effective ‘Cease and Desist’ order by the Charity Commission, who have taken over the St Stephen the Great Trust and seized control of the shops, as per the notice shown here, which has been placed in former SPCK/SSG bookshop doorways up and down the country.

More info and further reflections here: Cease and Desist: One Year On