Posted in August 2009

Day of Prayer Gathers Momentum

Momentum is gathering for the UK Christian retail trade Day of Prayer as more and more authors, booksellers and publishers commit themselves to spend time praying for one another this Friday, 4th September 2009. Several specific areas for prayer have been suggested by GLO Bookshop, Motherwell, on their facebook page: Pray that God will help the staff & … Continue reading

Updates Underway Soon

Over the last month I’ve received a number of update requests for Directory entries. Due to holidays and other commitments it hasn’t been possible to make the changes requested yet but these should be underway shortly, hopefully within the next week or so: please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meantime. Plans … Continue reading

Damned by Danby: Harsh or Prophetic?

Responses to Damned by Danby: 2009 and the Death of Christian Retail UK — on the original post, privately and in the parallel discussion on facebook (where there are far more comments than here) — have been challenging and thought provoking: my thanks to all concerned and in particular to Michael Gibson who started the ball … Continue reading

IBS-STL: sort-of rebranded at last

It’s been a slow train coming since we first heard it rumbling along the tracks back in March, but it looks as though the IBS-STL rebranding loco is at last rolling in towards the station with official announcements released to the press last month. A brief report appeared in the Church Times, 24 July, 2009, and a … Continue reading