Day of Prayer for the UK Christian Book Trade?

Praying HandsIf there’s a consensus emerging from the discussions here over Keith Danby’s comments about the viability of Christian retail in the UK, it’s this: we need to pray; and last week’s Trade Announcement from STL simply reinforces that.

Over to Joy:

I am feeling a huge call to pray for the Christian trade in this country. What do people think of an organised day where we encourage all in the trade to take an hour out to pray – maybe even gather with others to do it?

We’ve had — and fretted over and spent a small fortune on — conventions, trade forums and training days by the busload, but I think Joy’s shout out for a national day of prayer for the Christian trade here in the UK may be one of the most compelling calls I’ve heard in all my years in this trade.

Can we do it? Booksellers, publishers, suppliers — we’re all in this together: we’ve talked about standing together: has the time come to kneel together?

Suggestions for a date, how to go about organising and publicising it, ways to liaise with local churches and specific points for prayer via the comments, please…

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  • Day of Prayer Co-ordinator: Joy McIlroy
  • dayofprayer AT

11 thoughts on “Day of Prayer for the UK Christian Book Trade?

  1. It is a great idea – lots of us will have been praying already anyway, but to do so together and to publicise it – yes.


  2. It’s not just a UK problem either. A recent report shows that the top 10 US publishers – who have much greater resources and expertise than most of us – are down in sales by 14% on average. Smaller companies are much worse off and scrabbling for every dollar. Layoffs, non-replacement of staff, advertising cutbacks (numerous Christian magazines have closed) are all being caused in a market that virtually stopped dead early this year. There are signs of recovery but it’s a much humbled and slimmer industry over here.

  3. Thanks for running with this Phil. I know people are already praying, but it would definitely be good to join together. It is a fantastic sign of unity if nothing else.

    What would be really useful would be some email contacts of key people in the industry – all publishers, suppliers. Phil, if you have anything like this could you send them to me. It would be good to put together a sheet that has specific prayer requests, maybe from struggling shops, organisations etc.

    If Christian Marketplace a good place to send word out? Again a contact for Clem Jackson would be useful.

    I am happy to find some space at Ashburnham Place as a base for operations and people would be welcome to join me here. Obviously it is a little far out for some but I will send word out to the local shops.

    Also agree that it is not just a UK problem, but it is probably good as a starter for 10.

    Is a date in September too soon to get word out?

    • Don’t thank me, Joy: you heard/issued the call 🙂

      Not sure that the Data Protection Act allows me to give you other people’s contact info where it isn’t already in the public domain, but if memory serves me correctly you’re in the Christian Authors, Booksellers & Publishers Facebook Group; if we make you an Officer of the group you’ll then be able to message the entire group as I did earlier today.

      We could also create an open fb group, which anyone can join, and an event page specifically for this day.

      Re CM, we’re back to the problem of it being a monthly and (please correct me if I’m wrong, Clem) we’ve missed the copy deadline for the September issue: we’d be into October; and I think we ought to be looking at a date early in September. If we make it early enough though, that then should leave time to get a report into October’s CM

      So: first week maybe? Weekday or weekend? Anyone reading who has experience of organising a day like this who can say which day of the week might go down best?

  4. It is a great idea for the time of crisis many are now in, perhaps something could be developed on a long term basis. Some of us in rural areas feel far removed from what is happening in the wider christian community, but prayer can unite us all. As a Church run shop I will encourage church members to pray, many of our elderly members have a great ministry in prayer being unable to get out.

    • There may well be scope for making this a regular thing, but we’ll run this ‘pilot’ first! Your support is appreciated. I’m also in the middle of the countryside and I know the feeling of being a bit isolated.

      I will hopefully be sending information round soon so anyone who wants to receive this please email me to make sure you don’t miss out – dayofprayer AT

  5. Great idea!Had just read James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom ask God” before got email from IBS STl about “trade announcement” -so we prayed which I’m sure many others did too.We are all in this business for Him and His purposes – what an opportunity this could be!Time to come together at last – time in our shops to stand, kneel, pray,prophesy.. to see what He can do.As a suggestion:One month of designated Saturday mornings (any time when possible) in shops where all who can, can pray? Could be another day – but often young people help in our shops on Saturdays would be good to involve them. Hope we can encourage each other during this time with what He is doing where He has placed us.In the last three weeks we have been asked by 3 sets of different people about starting new Christian Bookshops?!Regardless of what we may feel and think – why now? what is God trying to tell us? What’s going on – scary or exciting ?Cups half full or half empty? Attitudes of mind and hearts could make all the difference.Praying for wisdom – His, when the testimonies start flowing we’ll perhaps glimpse something more of His plans.

  6. I was reminded of these two verses this morning:
    “When you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your father, who is unseen. Then Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you…………………………………..For your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” Matt 6 v 6-8
    “very early in the morning while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” Mark 1 v 35

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