Day of Prayer: One day to go!

The message below was sent out by Joy McIlroy yesterday afternoon, Wednesday 2nd September. My apologies for the delay in posting it here: two days are, of course, now down to one.

Day of Prayer Suggestions (pdf, 98kb)

Day of Prayer Suggestions (pdf, 98kb)

2 days to go!

This is just a reminder that there are just 2 days until our Day of Prayer for UK Christian Retail. I am encouraged to know that there are many of you meeting throughout the country (and beyond!) to spend time committing our work to God and asking for his help in our difficult situations and to provide us with fresh vision going forward.

Attached is a document that may help you as you gather to pray, it is just a collection of thoughts to get you going!

I would encourage you to continue to keep an eye on, in particular there is a list of venues that are hosting prayer meetings. It is not too late to add your venue to the list so get in touch!

I have noted at the bottom of the document that any feedback you can give us would be gratefully received so that we can report back on the day. Please email with details of who met, where you met, how you chose to express your prayers and also any words that you would like to share with the rest of us. I am believing that God will choose this time to speak to us, so any of your with prophetic giftings get your ears ready!

I would also like to reiterate that any who can join us at Ashburnham Place between 5-7pm in the prayer centre for prayer and worship would be most welcome. There is a little crowd of us already but it would be great to see many more!

We come with great expectations…

Joy McIlroy
Ashburnham Bookshop
Day of Prayer Coordinator

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