UCB Suspend Mail Order Services due to STL Supply Problems

UCB2GO: Service Suspended

UCB2GO - Service Suspended

During what should have been their busiest time of year, the run up to Christmas, UCB have suspended their online/mail order service, UCB2GO, due to concerns over STL’s ability to supply. The suspension came into effect on November 23rd and is expected to remain in place for a period of three months:

UCB2GO has recently been closely monitoring the activity of its main supplier ‘STL’, which has made several trade announcements over the last two months and which last week put itself up for sale due to trading difficulties.

So that we can ensure that no UCB2GO customer is disappointed with unfulfilled Christmas & New Year orders we have taken the decision to suspend operations at UCB2GO for a period of three months as from the 23rd November 2009. However we are confident that our supplier will ultimately find a way forward and we continue to pray for the staff and management of STL during this difficult time.

The statement goes on to reassure customers that if recently ordered items were in stock then they can still expect to receive them; payments for orders for items that were out of stock are being refunded (cheque) or not processed (credit/debit card).

2 thoughts on “UCB Suspend Mail Order Services due to STL Supply Problems

  1. At this rate I might well suspend order services with STL!

    Why, well because they advertise the STLD-US thing and offer free delivery in 5 working days, 60 days credit etc etc,if you are an STlD-UK customer or an ingrams customer! I happen to be both but I thought, ok lets give it a go – sent through all the details etc etc, got my password etc etc and on the 25th November placed an order (things I would otherwise have got through Ingrams or STL UK if they had them, & things no other UK supplier actually had in as I checked, with ingrams they would have been with me within 5 days as well!).

    However no books! – no books so I chased with an email to STLD-US & so today I recieve an email from STLD-US saying they need a credit card payment before they will release my orders – oh yes I was foolish enough to place another order with them thinking I could trust them on their word! (the second one a large order for one church & needed by monday next, likelihood of success? I reckon it’s looking slim now!)

    So now I am a tad angry as no one contacted me after the 25th instead they waited till I contacted them, and this when they should have sent the items anyway based on their agreed terms.

    I now have customers that are a bit peeved as I said their books would be here, and it turns out they wont be here for at least another week – if not longer depending on how long it takes STLD-US to sort out the problem their end.

    Not amused as if I had stuck with Ingrams I would have had the books by now! instead yet again STLD (Biblica) whatever it wants to call itself has caused me stress (though not nearly as much as it’s caused their employee’s and I keep reminding myself of this)- one day perhaps I will learn, never be swayed by incentivized good offers, they frequently just dont live up to the hype, and I dishonour myself by lack of loyalty shown – a timely reminder to one that would like loyalty from others ;0(

    So there we go as I say I am thinking –
    UTB suspend STLD (Biblica, whatever!) order services due to STL Supply problems!

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